Explained F1 vs NASCAR, 15 Major Differences Between The Two

Explained F1 vs NASCAR, 15 Major Differences Between The Two

Get up to speed with the 15 major differences in our F1 vs NASCAR read as we compare the elite sports.

Here are 15 major differences between both the sports which attracts the viewers and both the sports have a separate fanbase. Meanwhile, both the sports are at a nonpareil level and it takes a lot of talent to participate in both sports.

F1 vs NASCAR 15 Major Differences 

1. Winner Probability

It is possible in NASCAR that the driver starting at the back of the grid can finish on top but it is not the case in Formula 1. In Formula 1, driver starting from the front has a clear advantage and it is almost impossible to finish first from last in F1.

2. Construction Of Vehicle

Formula 1 cars are built by their respective teams and must build the chassis from the scratch with selected components. Almost every team on the grid has the same component and has to do their best in order to generate more speed. However, In NASCAR, chassis construction part is outsourced as they race in sedan.

3. Difference In Circuit

Formula 1 drivers face a variety of challenges racing in the different circuit which turns any way it prefers. Meanwhile, in NASCAR, the drivers only turn left as most of the circuits are oval-shaped and there is not much variety.

4. Time Duration

Formula 1 races are like sprints and are comparatively shorter than NASCAR which stretches to 3 hours or 4 sometimes. On the other hand, Formula 1 races last one and a half hour-long or maybe 2 hours sometimes if the number of laps is more.


5. Weight Of The Car

NASCAR cars weigh almost double as compared to Formula 1 which is 1,500 LBS. Meanwhile, NASCAR cars weigh 3,250 LBS because they have a bigger engine inside them. Despite having a bigger engine, NASCAR cars are slower than Formula 1 cars.

6. Age Factor

Formula 1 drivers have a shorter career as compared to NASCAR drivers as there is no age limit in both sports. However, Formula 1 drivers cannot race till the age of 50, and in NASCAR drivers have an average career till 50 years. Currently, there are many drivers in NASCAR who have crossed the 50-year mark.

7. Operation Cost

Formula 1 is a very expensive sport and the money that goes into functioning is mind-blowing. Formula 1 cars cost $470 Million for two whereas, NASCAR cars cost $25 Million which is very low as compared to Formula 1.

8. Difference in Engine

Formula 1 cars use a V6 Turbo Engine whereas, NASCAR cars use a Gasoline-Powered V8 Engine because the car is much heavier and needs a bigger engine to function under the circumstances. Meanwhile, Formula 1 cars have a different engine which produces more power.


9. Speed Difference

Formula 1 cars travel at a much higher speed as compared to NASCAR because of their weight and size. Meanwhile, NASCAR cars have an average speed of 200 MPH as compared to the average speed of Formula 1 cars which is 233 MPH.

10. Huge Number Of Crowd

NASCAR is usually hosted on oval grounds which allows the audience to have a full view of the circuit and can witness the race properly. Meanwhile, Formula 1 circuits usually consist of stands that are located at different parts of the track therefore, the visibility is a little less.

11. Pit Stop

Formula 1 pit stops are shorter as compared to NASCAR because in F1 the strategy of the teams depends on pit stops. Meanwhile, in NASCAR, pit stops are longer and an average NASCAR pit stop is 13 seconds.

12. Physical Contact

NASCAR drivers are very close to each other and sometimes even touch. On the other hand, Formula 1 cars race each other very differently and rarely touch each other. In addition, there are fines in Formula 1 for making a contact with the other driver.

13. Demography

Formula 1 drivers come from all across the World and participate in the sport representing their National flags. Meanwhile, most of the drivers that participate in NASCAR are Americans and some are from neighboring countries.


14. Points Distribution

Formula 1 drivers are awarded points based on their finishing place in the Grand Prix. On the other hand, NASCAR Drivers are awarded points based on the number of laps completed. Formula 1 winners get 25 points whereas, NASCAR winners get 40 points for winning the race.

15. Tactics

To emerge victorious in Formula 1, the driver must be in the fastest car on the circuit which is considered as an advantage. Meanwhile, in NASCAR the best strategy wins the race and the others compete for the victory.

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