“Don’t have kids with NBA players,” Lana Rhoades Opens Up On Her Baby Daddy With Twitter Confirmed Blake Griffin Is The Father Of Kid Milo

“Don’t have kids with NBA players,” Lana Rhoades Opens Up On Her Baby Daddy With Twitter Confirmed Blake Griffin Is The Father Of Kid Milo

Lana Rhoades had a tip for people watching CoolKicks who were going to the Los Angeles store to buy sneakers as Twitter is rife with news of Blake Griffin being heir baby daddy

Last month, the former adult film star and model took her son Milo shopping at the store for urban-chic and streetwear clothes.

Lana Rhoades Opens Up On Her Baby Daddy With Twitter Confirmed Blake Griffin Is The Father Of Kid Milo

CoolKicks’ YouTube channel has a lot of different things, like challenges, shopping, and vlogs with other social media stars. The store put up a new video with Lana Rhoades in which she told fans not to have kids with NBA players.

What Did Lana Rhoades Advice In The Recent Viral Video On Youtube?

In a video posted on September 29, 2022, on the CoolKicks YouTube channel, Lana Rhoades, her son Milo, and a friend of the model went to the store to buy sneakers.

Lana told viewers of the channel not to have kids with NBA players, even though she has never said in public who Milo’s father is.

At the end of each video, the channel’s hosts always ask their guests for some advice.


“Before we end this video, I always ask our guests, ‘Do you have any advice for anyone watching this video?'” said CoolKicks co-founder Adeel Shams.

Lana said, “Don’t do p*rn, kids.” She talked about a previous article on the subject and said, “People always make things up and then make them into headlines. But I really think you shouldn’t p*rn kids. ”

No Having Kids With NBA Players!

She then said, “Another one is don’t have kids with NBA players.”

Milo was born at the beginning of 2022, so he is eight months old now. In an Instagram post that has since been taken down, Lana gave the world its first look at her baby.

After she broke up with social media star Mike Majlak in 2021 and found out she was pregnant, the model made the news public.

Lana also said in the video that she wants to have another child in the future and that she would love for Milo to have a daughter one day.


According To Lana Rhoades Having Children Is Best Thing Ever!

Lana Says That Having a Child is the “Best Thing in the World.” Adeel is in the 13-minute video. He was shopping for sneakers with Lana, Milo, and Lana’s friend.

At the start of the video, there was a cute moment when Adeel gave Milo a pair of sneakers that were a bit too big for his feet.

In the video, he said, “Now that my feet are bigger, I need a kid.”

When asked about being a mom, Lana said, “It’s the best thing in the world.” To be honest, it’s not as hard as people make it sound. He’s so cool and easygoing.

Lana got Milo a few pairs of shoes for school, like Yeezy slides, yellow Air Max shoes, and Nike shoes.

Lana and her ex-boyfriend, Mike Majlak, said they were breaking up in early 2021. They had been together on and off for a while. They started dating in the middle of January 2020, after Mike’s YouTuber friend Logan Paul set them up.

When the model said she was going to have a baby, Mike quickly set the record straight and said he wasn’t the father.

In a previous episode of his podcast, ImPaulsive, Mike told his fans that he was not the father of the baby. He said, “I’ve spent the last 8 months or so calmly telling everyone, ‘That’s not my child.’ I knew it would look a little bit different than me, so let’s just leave it at that. ”


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