BWF Taipei Badminton Open 2022 Doubles Draw, Schedule, Date, Time, Players List, Tickets Online, Prize Money, Live Streaming Telecast India

BWF Taipei Badminton Open 2022 Doubles Draw, Schedule, Date, Time, Players List, Tickets Online, Prize Money, Live Streaming Telecast India

The BWF Yonex Taipei Open Badminton 2022 is an upcoming badminton tournament, we take a look at the Doubles category players, draw, seeded players, schedule

The 16th stop of the 2022 BWF World Tour is the Taipei Open, which has been a part of the Taipei Open championships since 1980. With BWF clearance, this competition is being organized by the Chinese Taipei Badminton Association.

BWF Taipei Badminton Open 2022 Doubles Draw, Schedule, Date, Time, Players List, Tickets Online, Prize Money And Live Streaming Telecast India

The Taipei Heping Basketball Gymnasium will play host to the $500k Yonex Taipei Open, a badminton championship, from July 19 to July 24, 2022. There are 26 Indian shuttlers competing in the tournament, therefore Indian supporters should expect many medals, including at least one from the pairs category.

July 19- July 20: First-round matches will begin (From 9:00 AM Local Time)

21st July: Second-round matches will begin

July 22: Quarter-finals begin

23rd July: Semi-finals begin

July 24: Finals begin

2022 Taipei Open Badminton Doubles Category First Round Draw, Fixtures, Players List

The forthcoming Yonex Taipei Open 2022, which begins on July 19, will feature around 26 Indian badminton players. Indian badminton fans will be expecting podium finish in the Men’s Doubles division from the duo of MR Arjun and D Kapila, who have already proven themselves in important competitions including recently finished Singapore Open.

In the opening round of 2022 Taipei Open, the talented duo of Arjun and Kapila from India will play local duo of Lin Y-c and Su L-w. Owing to the upcoming 2022 Commonwealth Games and busy BWF Calendar, many doubles category players have withdrew from the tournament and as a result, many Chinese Taipei youngsters stepped up to prove their mettle in front of the home crowd.

Tickets can be bought from here.

Men’s Doubles First Round Draw

Chinese Taipei Lee Y
Chinese Taipei Wang C-l
Chinese Taipei Lee F-c
Chinese Taipei Lee F-j

India I Bhatnagar
India K. S Praneeth
Thailand C Charoenkitamorn
Thailand N Yordphaisong

Malaysia Goh V S
Malaysia Lim K W
Chinese Taipei Chiu H-c
Chinese Taipei Yang M-t

Hong Kong Yeung M N
Hong Kong Yeung S C
Chinese Taipei Lee C-h
Chinese Taipei Lin Y-s


Malaysia Boon X Y
Malaysia Wong T C
United States V Chiu
United States J Yuan

India K P Garaga
India V G Panjala
Hong Kong Law C H
Hong Kong Lee C H

India P. S. Ravikrishna
India S P Udayakumar
Chinese Taipei Lin S-k
Chinese Taipei Tseng M-h

Canada Kan C Y
Chinese Taipei Liao C-h
Chinese Taipei Cheng K-w
Chinese Taipei Liu K-h

Chinese Taipei Liao M-c
Chinese Taipei Yang C-h
Norway T Flåtten
Norway V Rikheim

Chinese Taipei Chen Z-r
Chinese Taipei Lu C
Chinese Taipei Lu M-c
Chinese Taipei Tang K-w

Chinese Taipei Su C-h
Chinese Taipei Ye H-w
Chinese Taipei Hung T-w
Chinese Taipei Lu C-w

Chinese Taipei Lin Y-c
Chinese Taipei Su L-w
India Arjun M. R.
India D Kapila

Japan H Okamura
Japan M Onodera
Chinese Taipei Chien M-y
United States P Smith


Women’s Doubles First Round Draw

Chinese Taipei Chen H-y
Chinese Taipei Du Y-c
Chinese Taipei Hsieh P-s
Chinese Taipei Tseng Y-c

Japan S Hobara
Japan H Suzuki
Chinese Taipei Lee C-c
Chinese Taipei Wang Y-z

Chinese Taipei Liang T-y
Chinese Taipei Wu T-j
Chinese Taipei Jiang Y-h
Chinese Taipei Tai W-l

Chinese Taipei Hu L-f
Chinese Taipei Lin X-m
Chinese Taipei Hung H-e
Chinese Taipei Hung Y-n

Japan R Hirokami
Japan Y Kato
Chinese Taipei Lee Y-h
Chinese Taipei Liu X-z

Chinese Taipei Lin C-c
Chinese Taipei Wu M-c
Chinese Taipei Chung K-y
Chinese Taipei Hung E-t

Chinese Taipei Hsu Y-c
Chinese Taipei Lin W-c
Chinese Taipei Jheng Y-c
Chinese Taipei Lu H-a

Chinese Taipei Cheng Y-p
Chinese Taipei Sun W-p
United States F Corbett
United States A Lee


Chinese Taipei Sung S-y
Chinese Taipei Yu C-h
Chinese Taipei Li Z-q
Chinese Taipei Yang Y-h

Chinese Taipei Chen S-y
Chinese Taipei Peng L-t
Chinese Taipei Kuo Y-w
Chinese Taipei Wang Y-q

Hong Kong Leung S L
Hong Kong Yuen S Y
Hong Kong Ng T Y
Hong Kong Tsang H Y

Chinese Taipei Chiu P-c
Chinese Taipei Tung C-t
India T Crasto
India S Mishra

Chinese Taipei Lin J-y
Chinese Taipei Lin Y-h
Chinese Taipei Lin S-y
Chinese Taipei Yang Y-c

Points Award System

Each round of the BWF World Tour Super 300 competition received points according to the BWF point distribution system. Each doubles category event winner will receive 7,000 BWF points, while the eventual losers would only receive 5,950 points. Competitors wishing to advance in the BWF World Rankings will definitely be motivated by the massive number of points up for grabs.

Winner Runner-up 3/4 5/8 9/16 17/32 33/64 65/128
7,000 5,950 4,900 3,850 2,750 1,670 660 320

Prize Money Pool Distribution

When the awards are given out in compliance with BWF rules, the total prize money for the 2022 Taipei Open will be US$500,000. The winner of the doubles competition will get $39,500 from this prize pool.

Event Winner Finalist Semi-finals Quarter-finals Last 16
Singles $37,500 $19,000 $7,250 $3,000 $1,750
Doubles $39,500 $19,000 $7,000 $3,625 $1,875

When And Where to Watch: Live Stream And Telecast Taipei Open Badminton

Beginning on July 19, India residents can watch the Taipei Open 2022 live on Voot Select and at BWF TV, the organization’s official YouTube channel. Indian supporters will thus be able to support their preferred players from the comfort of their own homes.

Thailand True Visions
Malaysia Astro
Singapore Star Hub
France Le Equipe
Germany Sportdeutschland tv
Indonesia TVRI, Vidio
Spain TV e
United Kingdom/Ireland BT Sport
Africa Star Times
Brunei Krystal, Astro
China Zhibo TV
Chinese Taipei ELTA HD
Honk Kong Now TV
India Voot Select

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