All Fortnite Island Hopper Quests, Map Codes, Challenges And Rewards

All Fortnite Island Hopper Quests, Map Codes, Challenges And Rewards

You must know all map codes to fulfill the Fortnite Island Hopper tasks that Epic Games has given for users to complete the quests and challenges

Fans of the battle royale from Epic Games are in for a thrilling experience. Players can now locate Star Wars weapons and Darth Vader’s location in addition to the recently added assortment of minigames to complete.

While the thought of taking on cinema’s most recognisable villain is intriguing, there are also many hurdles you must overcome to obtain goodies.

Fortnite Island Hopper Quests, Map Codes, Challenges And Rewards

With everything from Parkour Universe to Blimp Wars, the Fortnite Island Hopper tasks and rewards are listed below:

  • Collect 3000 Resources – One Trigger
  • Unlock 3 achievements – Parkour Universe
  • Use 8 Vending Machines – Blimp Wars
  • Unlock 4 achievements – Color Dash
  • Collect 50 coins or Get 5 melee eliminations – Ultimate Murder Mystery
  • Eliminate 3 Prop Opponents – Prop Hunt: Modern Mall 🛍️ XP+

The best method to level up in Fortnite is still through challenges. The gamers are likely going through the most difficult XP grind yet in Chapter 3 Season 3. Even though there are always weekly and daily challenges, more opportunities to earn XP are always welcome.

When there isn’t a lot of XP available, the Island Hopper Quests can be a useful source of it. This is a fantastic chance for people who are grinding a Darth Vader skin. The whole list of tasks and instructions can be found below.

Island Hopper Quests deviate from the norm in contrast to the majority of challenges found in Battle Royale (BR) mode.

Players frequently have to deal damage to enemies, unlock boxes in specific locations, or gather a variety of objects as part of routine tasks. All of the Fortnite challenges are primarily on BR mode.


The Island Hopper Quests, however, have absolutely nothing to do with Battle Royale. In keeping with past challenges, they are connected to Creative mode.

As one would have noticed, each map has its problems. Players are required to exert a little bit more effort to earn XP because no two challenges are linked to the same Creative map.

  • Complete Six Island Hopper Quests – Macaw Darkwings Back Bling
  • Complete Six Island Hopper Quests – Tropic’s Beak Pickaxe
  • Complete Three Island Hopper Quests – Tropical Infrared Wrap and Ravage Spray
  • Complete One Island Hopper Quest – Raven Spray and GG Emoticon!

Map codes for each of the Fortnite Island Hoppa quests:

  • One Trigger – 2668-5883-1928
  • Parkour Universe – 0111-3743-0305
  • Blimp Wars – 0245-9239-2638
  • Color Dash – 0321-8998-8494
  • Ultimate Murder Mystery – 0124-5841-7849
  • Prop Hunt Modern Mall XP+ – 1234-1679-1165

You have until 07:00 PT, 10:00 ET, and 15:00 BST on July 6th to complete all quests.

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