Steps On How To Change Your Name In Fall Guys 2022 Using Epic Games Account Login

Steps On How To Change Your Name In Fall Guys 2022 Using Epic Games Account Login

Many new players are unsure of how to change their name using Epic Games account because Fall Guys have returned as a free-to-play game in 2022.

The introduction of free-to-play is excellent. It commemorates the game’s release on the Nintendo Switch & Microsoft gaming platforms. On June 30, a Halo-themed event will be held to further mark the game’s launch on Xbox.

Before then, though, we can’t wait to dress up our gummy bear as the well-known Master Chief. You should be able to modify your display name whatever you’d like.

How To Change Your Name In Fall Guys 2022 Using Epic Games Account Login

To alter your name in Fall Guys 2022, you must log in to Epic Games’ login page using either your PSN, Microsoft, Nintendo Switch, or Steam profile.

You just need to choose Account & Display Name after signing into Epic with the account you connected and where you play. Enter the desired Display ID, then click Save Changes.

You are unable to continuously create new Display IDs for yourself. For instance, you will have to wait till July 6th to generate a new Display ID if you input a new one on June 22nd.

Along with the aforementioned, you may also update your PSN Online ID on PlayStation. Although it is only free the very first time. You can freely alter your Xbox Gamertag as often as you’d like.


Naturally, if you have connected your PSN, Steam, Nintendo, and Microsoft profile to Epic Games. You can only change your name in Fall Guys 2022.

Gamers should do this right away because you will be prompted to log into your EG profile when you first launch the game. You can simply make an account from the pop-up if you don’t already have one.

As the only way to enjoy cross-platform multiplayer and cross-progression, you must link your account to EG. If you have any problems, visit Mediatonic’s the support page.


It was revealed last month that Fall Guys would be made accessible on the Epic Games Store as well as becoming free to play today. The small information that it would also be leaving Steam was tucked away at the bottom of the press release.

“However, those that own a Steam copy will continue to get the same updates as Epic Store gamers.”

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