Yonex French Open Badminton 2021 Final, List Of All Winners, Results, Score And Prize Money

Yonex French Open Badminton 2021 Final, List Of All Winners, Results, Score And Prize Money

Yonex French Open 2021 Finals results and winners in the Men’s and Women’s Singles along with the Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Doubles with their prize money

The 2021 Yonex French Open went on for almost a week and has finally come to closure. A total of 32 players in the singles division and 64 players in the doubles division took part in the competition and only one player/duo has managed to finally take home the trophy after competing for almost a week With that being said let’s take a look at the Yonex French Open final results and their prize money across all division.

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Men’s Singles Final and Prize Money

In the Men’s singles final K Tsuneyama and Chou T-c went head to head against each other. K Tsuneyama had to pull off a comeback after losing the first set to end up winning the final. K Tsuneyama beat Chou T-c (15-21, 21-8 and 21-17)

Tsuneyama took home $42,000 whereas Chou T-c’s efforts were rewarded with $20,400.

Women’s Singles Final and Prize Money

In the Women’s singles final A Yamaguchi squared off against S Takahashi. A Yamaguchi put on a dominating performance and won the game in two sets (21-18, 21-12).

The prize money was the same so, A Yamaguchi earned $42,000 and S  Takahashi earned $20,400.


Men’s Doubles Final and Prize Money

The Men’s doubles final saw another dominant one sided clash between M Gideon/K Sukamuljo and Ko S-h/S B Cheol. The team of M Gideon/K Sukamuljo were able to get past their opponents with ease. The match ended with a score of 17-21 and 20-22 in the favour of the Korean duo.

The winning duo of M Gideon/K Sukamuljo won $44,400 in total whereas the loosing duo went home with $21,000.

Women’s Doubles Final and Prize Money

The Women’s doubles final also turned out to be a one sided final. Lee So-hee/Shin Seung-chan who were appearing in their second final in row beat their opponents Kim So-y/Kong H-y 21-17 and 21-12 to walk away with a comfortable victory.


Lee So-hee/Shin Seung-chan earned $44,400 whereas Kim So-y/Kong H-y earned $21,000 in their losing effort.

Mixed Doubles Final and Prize Money

In the Mixed doubles finals Higashino/Yuta went up against Mathias C/Alexandra B. This match was also ended just in two sets and the duo of Higashino/Yuta won back to back tournaments. The match ended with the scores of 21-8 and 21-17 in the favor of Higashino/Yuta.


The prize money was same as the and the winner got $44,400 and the second place got $21,000.

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