World Records Expected to Broken in the 2024 Olympics

World Records Expected to Broken in the 2024 Olympics

The 2024 Olympics are taking place soon, and people are excited to see which world record can be broken

The lineup seems promising, and fans are garnering attention to these athletes performing well for years. What records are likely to be broken in the 2024 Olympics?

100m Backstroke

When discussing a 100m backstroke, it’s hard not to mention Kaylee McKeown, the queen of backstroke swimming. The athlete owns all six fastest times for the 100m backstroke, including the current world record of 57.33 seconds, which she set last year.

The possibility of Mckeown breaking her record was seen earlier this year at the 2024 NSW State Championship. She came very close to breaking her world record, with 57.57 seconds in the 100m backstroke. This might be a sign that she’s striving to push her boundaries and try to make the records fall in the 2024 Olympics.

Judging how well she has been maintaining her form and her records across all three backstroke distances, it’s highly likely that McKeown will be the one to beat at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Men’s 400m Hurdles

Karsten Warholm holds the world record in the men’s 400m hurdles, set in 2021 at 45.94 seconds. The Norwegian athlete will compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics and become the best contender for breaking his older records. Many expected Warholm to break the record in Budapest in 2023. He came close but didn’t break the record despite his outstanding performance.

Attention is now on Warholm’s participation in the Paris 2024 Olympics, as he performed outstandingly at the Tokyo Olympics, where he set his first record. Not many expect him to break the record at first, as he had a severe injury last year and hasn’t performed well. However, experts have informed the public that Warholm is recovering and has healed completely. It’s possible that fans would see Warholm breaking records this year.

Pole Vault

Armand ‘Mondo’ Duplantis has always been related to the world record. Mondo has broken records eight times, with a 6.24m jump for his latest record at the Wanda Diamond League. His record has also become the highest jump in history, with an outstanding 15cm above the rest of the field on his performance at the 2024 World Athletics Indoor Championships.


Duplantis broke a record for the first time in 2020, tackling France’s Renaud Lavillenie’s 6.17m jump that hadn’t been touched for six years. It took Duplaintis seven days to break another record, increasing a centimeter to his jump height.

Now that Mondo will grace the Olympics with his presence, all eyes are on him. Duplantis may break another record this year. A known Bitcoin betting portal for this year’s Olympic games in France is already taking bets for these records so that fans can see the odds early and be ready to place wagers.


USA Weightlifting’s Hampton Morris made a mark in history by breaking a weightlifting record at Thailand’s 2024 International Weightlifting Federation World Cup. Morris made history by breaking the senior men’s clean and jerk world record with a lift of 176 kg in the 61 kg category. This was a significant achievement, as it took 55 years for a USA man to set a world weightlifting record at the senior level.


Morris’s record-breaking lift highlighted the caliber of performance at the World Cup Competition. He changed the elite standard in weightlifting ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics, making fans wonder if Morris will set a new record again.

Men’s 3000m Steeplechase

The men’s 3000m Steeplechase world record was hard to beat, as it took 19 years to set another record. The first world record was set in 2004, and the new one was set in 2023. Although it took a while for the record to fall, fans are starting to expect more for the upcoming Olympics now that someone has beaten it.

Among the lineup, Soufiane El Bakkhali seems to have the best chance of creating a new record in the 2024 Olympics. He came close at the Rabat Diamond League, and he’s coming to Paris to defend his Tokyo Champion title.

Soufiane El Bakkhali isn’t the only candidate; Lamecha Girma, who set the 2023 record, is also one to watch out for. Girma received silver in Tokyo, and it might be the additional push that drove Girma to break a record in Paris.


Women’s 35 km Race Walk

Most of the records on this list took years to break, but the women’s 35km race walk record was broken twice in one season. Reigning world champion Kimberly Garcia broke the previous record by two seconds, finishing with 2:37:44 in Dudince. A few months later, Spain’s Maria Perez broke the record at the European Championships by half a minute, finishing with 2:37:15.

Garcia and Perez will compete in Paris in 2024; fans expect a lot from them. Perez holds the world record, but the two had equally outstanding performances in 2023. It’s impossible to say who’ll set a new record, but fans are eager to see the two at the Olympics.

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