WNBA VS NBA: Salary, Revenue, Rules, Format, Game

WNBA VS NBA: Salary, Revenue, Rules, Format, Game

WNBA vs NBA, find out all you need to know about two of the biggest basketball leagues in the world for women and men and the difference in the salary and rules

Everyone is probably aware of the NBA, the biggest basketball league in the world. On the other hand not a lot of people are aware about the WNBA, NBA’s women’s counterpart. WNBA has brought women’s basketball on the map in front of the world.

However, not a lot of people have grown the liking for the league. It may be because of the lack of appreciation for women’s sports. Moreover, there are some notable differences in the two leagues like:

  • The Basketball used in WNBA is lighter and smaller.
  • The quarters are of 10 minute each instead of 12.
  • A player must be 22 to be drafted in the WNBA.

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WNBA VS NBA: In depth comparison of revenue, rules and salary


The NBA generates an astounding $9.2 Billion in revenue on average. Whereas WNBA don’t even come close and generate roughly only $75 million in revenue. The distribution of the revenue is also vastly different as NBA players receive a total of 50% of the generated revenue as compare to that of only 20% in the WNBA.

Team Worth

A team in the NBA has an average value of $2.2 billion whereas WNBA teams cannot even come close. The exact worth of the team is not revealed however, on an average a WNBA team is not worth more than $50 million.


Highest Paid Player

This is a big let off for all the WNBA players as the highest player in the NBA i.e. Stephen Curry makes more than 200 times than that of the highest paid player in the WNBA. Stephen Curry earns $43 million per season whereas Sue Bird the highest paid player in WNBA earns only $221,000.

The average salary in the NBA is $7 million and the average salary in the WNBA is only $80,000. There has been a lot of outburst on the low pay of the women athletes when compared to men.


Why are there such major differences?

The reason of such major differences in the revenue, salary and team worth all boils down to the business part of the sport. NBA has much larger audience and viewership across the world whereas WNBA doesn’t. Because of this the WNBA does not make that much money when compared to NBA.

When the league is not able to make that much money it is automatically not able to pay the players that well also. For example, the viewership and also the attendance of WNBA games is much lower than the NBA games. Which results is far less revenue for the league.

This is why the WNBA stands at a much lower level from the NBA in terms of salaries, revenue and team worth.


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