Why Cricket is an Underrated Sport for Betting 

Why Cricket is an Underrated Sport for Betting 

What American football is for the U.S. is what cricket is for India

As the most popular sport in the country, it is beloved by many Indians for its history, excellent national players and passionate fans worldwide. While India has taken cricket under its wings, it has also spread to other countries like South Africa and the U.S. But why should more countries embrace the bat-and-ball sport? 

The Idea of Betting on Cricket 

It can be difficult to think of how cricket first began on fields in England to attain global dominance, where international fans hardly miss betting on cricket online no matter where they live. Cricket has been popularised because of international tours, where cricket professionals toured the world to spread the word about the sport. 

People began wagering money on the games to make the game even more enticing. This included everything from the winner of the matches to who would score the most points in their first six overs. While following the matches intently, people would also follow their bets simultaneously to make sure they miss any wins. 

The Different Aspects of Betting on Cricket 

Betting on cricket requires some knowledge of the rules of the game. Beside that, it also requires some knowledge of the types of bets and the type of odds. The match bet is the easiest to remember, as bettors must guess which team will win. Bettors will gain the most if they bet on the underdog, which can sometimes be unexpected. Another type of bet is the series winner, where bettors have to bet on matches in a series as well as the winner of the entire series.


Unlike football, a cricket game takes more than 90 minutes. Sometimes, it can last up to five days. Therefore, it can take some time for bettors to know whether they’ve won their bet or not. This could seem tiresome, but for others, this just intensifies the anticipation. 

The Best Indian Cricket Teams

Cricket is extremely popular in India. The performances of Indian players also cement the status of the sport in the country. India has produced some of the best cricket players, creating an exciting portfolio to choose from when placing bets. The national men’s team is now the best ODI Team when looking at rankings compared to countries like Australia. 

Needless to say, the national team has showcased immense athleticism and skills when playing against other teams. But talking about individual players, there are also batsmen worth looking at when placing your bets. These are players like Virat Kohli, whose technique has put him on the list of best players, and Jasprit Bumra, who is currently one of the best bowlers in the world.   


The Accomplishments 

Since Team India played their first international match in 1932, they have achieved many impressive accomplishments. The first years were harsh, as they had to wait nearly twenty years for the first victory in Test championships. But after the hurdles, they gained strength with the so-called spin quartet, one of the strongest and best combinations of the 60s and 70s. In recent decades, they have won five ICC tournaments, including several World Cups and the Asia Cup. 

The Cultural Significance 

When speaking of cricket, it is difficult not to mention its cultural history. While the British brought the sport to India in the 1700s, India quickly made the sport their own. With talented players coming out of the national team and several World Cup titles, cricket has become an essential part of Indian culture, with it being often portrayed in pop culture. 


The sport still has historical and cultural ties. For example, the rivalry with the Pakistani cricket team remains one of the most intense rivalries. The matches are always anticipated and are among the most-watched television broadcasts worldwide. 

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