“Whole country playing against 11,” KL Rahul Decides To Blame Entire South Africa After DRS Gaffe

“Whole country playing against 11,” KL Rahul Decides To Blame Entire South Africa After DRS Gaffe

Day 3 of the SA vs IND 3rd test match saw KL Rahul decide to go after South Africa after Dean Elgar was given a reprieve by DRS

When you are clinically decimated by your opponent, the least you can be is gracious in your defeat. However, the Indian team lost all semblance about it as it stared at the barrel and its designs of trying to save the third test match started unravelling.

KL Rahul Decides To Rip Into South Africa As Team India Goes After SuperSport For DRS Call

Posting a sorry 198 runs on the board, nothing but wickets at regular intervals would have seen India pull off an unlikely win. And while things looked extremely dicey for the visitors, Ashwin managed to snag the vital wicket of captain Dean Elgar, the man who won the encounter for the hosts in the the second test match.


Unfortunately for Ashwin, a perplexing DRS call saw Elgar survive. Hawkeye showed unfathomable bounce on the delivery with the technology showing the ball would have evaded the top of the legstump.


As the decision was overturned, the Indian team was seen seething and rightfully so as well. However, the anger was at SuperSport for some exasperating reason despite the broadcaster having no role to play in how technology worked.

While Ashwin and Virat Kohli were seen hitting out at the channel, KL Rahul decided he wanted to lambast the entire South Africa with him heard saying, “Whole country playing against 11 guys.”


While the clip was rapidly shared on social media platforms by India’s supporters, wonder what the reaction would have been if a South African had claimed entire India was hand in glove to defeat the team.

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