Who was PV Sathyanathan as CPI(M) Koyilandy secretary is murdered in Kerala, death reason, biography, age

Who was PV Sathyanathan as CPI(M) Koyilandy secretary is murdered in Kerala, death reason, biography, age

PV Sathyanathan was a local secretary of the CPI (M), who recently got murdered, find out more about his cause of death, autopsy report, murder suspect, and his biography

The tragic and sudden incident has caused widespread shock among the party members and its supporters.

Who was PV Sathyanathan as CPI (M) Koyilandy secretary is murdered in Kerala, death reason, biography and age

Sathyanathan was a very well-known politician and a well-respected member of the Communist Party of India.

PV Sathyanathan passes away

PV Sathyanathan, who was the Koyilandy Central local secretary of the CPI (M), passed away on Thursday, February 22, 2024. The tragic and sudden accident took place near the Cheriyapuram temple in Peryvattoor. Sathyanathan was 62 years old at the time of his death.


PV Sathyanathan cause of death

According to official reports, Sathyanathan was attending a music festival around 10 pm near the Cheriyapuram temple in Peryvattoor when he got attacked on his back and neck with a sharp weapon. The veteran political leader eventually succumbed to his wounds.

Sathyanathan autopsy report

Following the stabbing incident, PV Sathyanatham was rushed to the Koyilandy taluk hospital but passed away before reaching the hospital. Following his death, medical officials shifted Sathyanatham’s body to the Kozhikode Medical College for a postmortem. According to the post-mortem report, Sathyanatham had three deep wounds on his body, which also turned out to be the major reason behind his death.


Following an autopsy and postmortem examination on Friday, February 23, 2024, PV Sathyanathan’s body was brought back to his home. The politician’s family performed the last rite on Friday, while various politicians and others paid tribute to him.

PV Sathyanathan murder suspect

As of now, the State Police have arrested one person named Abhilash as the murder suspect after investigations. According to reports, Abhilash holds personal grudges against PV Sathyanthan and even confessed to the crime. The accused also confessed to having a personal enmity with Sathyanathan and stated that Sathyanathan always had a negative attitude towards him due to disputes within the party.


Further reports and investigations state that Abhilash alone killed him, and investigators also found a murder weapon, a knife, near the spot. Abhilash was reportedly PV Sathyanathan’s neighbor and a former member of the CPM branch committee. However, he was expelled from the party way back 7 years ago. He is set to appear in court very soon.

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