What is the big-eyed sad hamster meme and its meaning as trend goes viral on TikTok

What is the big-eyed sad hamster meme and its meaning as trend goes viral on TikTok

If you’ve recently been perusing TikTok, chances are you’ve encountered a video featuring a melancholic hamster set to the backdrop of violin music, let’s delve into the meaning behind this latest sad hamster meme

The online realm has always embraced a good meme, spanning from the era of the troll face to the era of Vines and beyond. Memes have continually adapted and transformed with the evolution of social media and technology throughout the years.

What is the big-eyed sad hamster meme and its meaning as trend goes viral on TikTok and Twitter/X

Among the most beloved memes are those featuring endearing animals, like Cheems the Shiba Inu, whose comical expressions entertained us for years until her passing in 2023.

Now, another adorable creature has captured the internet’s attention. Let’s explore the phenomenon of the sorrowful hamster that has gone viral on TikTok.

Sad Hamster Meme’s Origin

Recently, a petite hamster with exceptionally large eyes has been dominating users’ timelines across various social platforms, particularly on TikTok.


The phenomenon originated on Twitter/X on February 9, initiated by a user named ‘Doguindolink’ who shared a video featuring the hamster accompanied by the song ‘Woe Is Me!’ by Richard Myhill.

Fans of Spongebob Squarepants might recognize this tune as the one famously played by Mr. Krabs on the “world’s smallest violin.” Since its debut, the adorable hamster and its associated theme song have experienced a surge in online popularity.


The video clip is frequently employed as a reaction meme to convey a sense of being overwhelmed, out of one’s depth, or feeling down.

Essentially, it serves as a more elaborate way of expressing the sentiment, “I’m baby.” Originating in February 2024, the meme has rapidly gained traction on social media platforms.

The edit to the hamster image could be a playful reference to the “Is it really worth it?” meme. This meme has gained popularity through various versions, humorously juxtaposing the black eyes of hamsters with the appearance of boba pearls.


As an illustration, one user utilized the hamster meme to depict the feeling when requesting a pen in class stating, “Or when a client questions if they ‘know what they’re doing.’”

The sad hamster meme offers an infinite array of applications, reflecting situations that many of us have encountered at some point in our lives. This meme is the latest sensation on TikTok, following the trend of ‘gardening’ that gained popularity on the platform.

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