Who is Yessinia Gonzalez wife of golfer Erik Compton, bio, age, family, children, Instagram

Who is Yessinia Gonzalez wife of golfer Erik Compton, bio, age, family, children, Instagram

Erik Compton, a PGA Tour golfer, is charged with robbery and domestic assault in Florida, in light of this, we look at who his wife Yessinia Gonzalez is 

According to Local10.com, golfer Erik Compton was detained on felony and misdemeanour charges after an alleged domestic violence incident involving his wife.

Who is Yessinia Gonzalez wife of golfer Erik Compton, bio, age, family, children and Instagram


According to the report, Compton and his wife were allegedly fighting on Saturday at their home in southwest Miami-Dade County over “relationship issues.” The newspaper referenced the arrest report from the Miami-Dade Police Department.

When Compton’s wife attempted to record the incident on her phone, the PGA Tour player allegedly yanked it out of her hand and threw it into the pool. According to reports, Compton, 43, took his wife by the shoulder and pushed her against a wall. According to the allegation, his wife has minor injuries on her left arm.

His wife dialled the police before she went for a friend’s home. Compton exercised his right to counsel and remained silent about the matter. According to the report, Compton was detained by police on suspicion of misdemeanour violence and a second-degree felony charge of strong-armed robbery. According to the report, he was arrested and released on bond after being transferred to Miami’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Centre.


Who is Yessinia Gonzalez?

Erik Compton, a former golfer on the PGA Tour who has undergone two heart transplants, is married to Yessinia Gonzalez, his second wife. In 2017, the couple were married and moved to Miami, Florida. Erik’s supporter Yessinia frequently joins him on the golf course. But recently, a domestic violence incident that resulted in Erik’s incarceration has strained their relationship.


Yessinia Gonzalez was born and raised in Miami, Florida.

She has a birthdate on April 29, although nobody is aware of her exact age. Her personal Instagram account, which has roughly 354 followers, has pictures of her, her husband, and their dog.

Yessinia is an enthusiastic golfer and likes to play with Erik. She takes her friends and family along to events and get-togethers. She gets along well with Petra, Erik and his ex-wife’s daughter.

When did Erik Compton and Yessinia Gonzalez first meet?


2016 saw the first encounter between Erik Compton and Yessinia Gonzalez, a year after Erik’s divorce from Barbara Casco, the mother of his daughter Petra. Erik and Yessinia got engaged soon after they met. They were wed in 2017 in a grand ceremony at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida.

On social media, the couple routinely posted pictures of their travels, meals, and golf outings, giving the appearance that they were very happy and in love. Erik commended Yessinia in his captions for loving him and for making his life happy. However, their love story has turned sour recently.