Who is Ulla Sandrock second wife of Jurgen Klopp, bio, age, height, family, son, nationality, Instagram

Who is Ulla Sandrock second wife of Jurgen Klopp, bio, age, height, family, son, nationality, Instagram

Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp has announced his departure from the club at the end of the season, and the driving force behind his enduring connection to Liverpool is none other than his wife, Ulla Sandrock, have a look at her age, height and nationality

Known as the ‘First Lady of Bundesliga,’ Ulla has been by Klopp’s side since December 2005 when they met at the Munich Oktoberfest, where she worked as a bar waitress.

Who is Ulla Sandrock second wife of Jurgen Klopp, bio, age, height, family, son, nationality and Instagram

Aside from being the supportive spouse of the football icon, Ulla Sandrock is a children’s novelist who penned her debut book, ‘Tom and the Magic Football,’ in 2008.

The storyline revolves around a magic football propelling an 11-year-old boy into a remarkable football journey, with a sequel following in 2010. Before delving into writing, Ulla worked as a teacher in Kenya, contributing to the education of local children.

Ulla Sandrock Wiki (Jürgen Klopp’s Wife) Age, Biography, Family & More · 46 years old · 170 cm · 1.70 m · 64 Kg · 143 lbs.

Klopp and Dennis have no children together but Ulla has a son called Dennis and last year he became a father for the first time aged 35. Dennis is a German by nationality

Her Career

Her moniker, the ‘First Lady of Bundesliga,’ stems from her philanthropic endeavors and compassionate nature, particularly during Klopp’s time in Germany. Ulla previously worked as a nurse in Nairobi, aiding malnourished children on their path to recovery.


Ulla Sandrock made headlines in April for her generous gesture of distributing £1,000 food vouchers to supermarket staff at a Waitrose branch in Formby, near their family home. Klopp has always spoken highly of his wife, praising her charitable actions and expressing admiration for her literary works.

Their blended family, formed from previous marriages, has been a source of joy for the couple. Ulla’s influence extends beyond the personal realm, playing a pivotal role in some of Klopp’s career-defining decisions. She convinced him to reject Manchester United’s advances in 2013, ultimately leading to his appointment at Anfield two years later.


Sandrock Motivated Klopp to Extend Liverpool Contract

Moreover, her counsel was instrumental in Klopp’s decision to extend his Liverpool contract two years ago, addressing concerns she had previously raised about the toll of managerial responsibilities during his final season at Borussia Dortmund.

As Klopp prepares to leave Liverpool, the couple, residing in the coastal town of Formby in a house once owned by Steven Gerrard, faces a new chapter. Their impact on the local community has been substantial since their arrival in 2015, with Klopp actively participating in quiz nights at local pubs.


Ulla, true to her caring nature, exhibited her appreciation for frontline workers in April 2020 by distributing £1,000 worth of food vouchers to Waitrose staff, embodying her desire for recognition for those who deserve it without seeking any acknowledgment herself.

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