Who is Radha Arya Bhojpuri singer as her video goes viral, biography, age, husband name

Who is Radha Arya Bhojpuri singer as her video goes viral, biography, age, husband name

Radha Arya is a budding Bhojpuri singer, know her biography and husband name

Find out more about her.


The internet is overflowing with videos in the current digital era, and occasionally one of them achieves extraordinary fame by going viral in a matter of hours. Now, a video featuring renowned Bhojpuri singer Radha Arya has gone viral online.

She is the subject of several conversations and arguments on the internet, which has given her an aura of mystery and controversy. On social networking sites, the name Radha has spread like wildfire. She and her viral video have captured the interest of internet users all around the world.

In addition to receiving a huge number of views, the viral video of Radha Arya has also sparked a flurry of rumors and discussion. Its appearance on different social media sites, such as Reddit, Instagram, Telegram, and YouTube, among others, adds to the commotion it has already caused.

Who is Radha Arya Bhojpuri singer as her full video goes viral, biography, age, husband name


The core of the controversy is on the authenticity of the video that allegedly features Radha. Claims surrounding her personal life allegedly refer to close interactions with an unnamed person, all of which were purportedly recorded in the mysterious video that suddenly appeared online.

However, it’s essential to note that despite the uproar, there is no concrete evidence of such a video’s existence on the internet. So, it seems that the Radha Arya video may be nothing more than a mysterious tale spread by people for unclear purposes.


The truth remains shrouded in uncertainty, leaving us in the dark regarding the veracity of the claims made by both Radha Arya and her husband about each other. Due to this, Radha has also become the talk of the town with many people trying to find out more about her. So, here’s what we know about her:

Who is Radha Arya?

Radha Arya is an Indian singer, renowned for her outstanding performances in the Bhojpuri language. She has been in the news because her video has recently gone viral on social media platforms.

She is a budding talent who has so far only uploaded a handful of songs to YouTube.


Insiders claim that she and her husband just got divorced. She is presently the target of some contentious charges from her husband for having abused him for so long. In a conversation with a media house, Radha Arya’s spouse claimed that after utilizing his resources to build her singing career, Radha Arya eventually deserted him in favor of another guy.

Nevertheless, Radha Arya asserted on Reddit that she is now single and that she left her husband because of his abusive conduct against her. The name of her ex-husband isn’t known.

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