Who is Poonam Bir Kasturi as founder of Daily Dump passed away, cause of death, biography, age and education

Who is Poonam Bir Kasturi as founder of Daily Dump passed away, cause of death, biography, age and education

Have a look at the cause of death and biography of Poonam Bir Kasturi

Poonam Bir Kasturi, a renowned social entrepreneur from Bengaluru, passed away on Thursday, May 9, at the age of 61.

Who is Poonam Bir Kasturi as founder of Daily Dump passed away, cause of death reason, biography, age and education

She was the founder of Daily Dump, an online platform offering composting equipment and educational resources for those interested in composting. As of now the cause of Poonam’s demise hasn’t been made public.

However, she got lupus when she was 38 and doctors mentioned toxicity and pollutants as possible triggers to this onset of lupus. She then shifted drastically to organic, natural and non-toxic alternatives. She was married and also had a sister named Kiran Bir Sethi.

About Poonam Bir Kasturi

For the unversed, as per her official LinkedIn profile biography, 61 year old Poonam Bir Kasturi was “a designer who is creating Swachh Bharat one Kambha composter at a time.”


Poonam played a pivotal role in popularizing wet composting, bringing the practice to many Indian households.

Being a graduate of the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, Poonam was also one of the founding faculty members of the Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology in Bengaluru.

Her concern over the environmental impact of expanding landfills and increasing waste prompted her to establish Daily Dump in 2006 to combat the issue of organic waste.

The company designs and produces composting equipment suitable for homes and communities, earning her the nickname “Compostwali.”

Poonam was an acclaimed entrepreneur, having been recognized by the Schwab Foundation of the World Economic Forum with the Social Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2015.


Daily Dump also received the Lexus Design Award for Design Thinking in 2018. Additionally, Poonam made an appearance on Shark Tank India in 2023.

Additional Chief Secretary of Karnataka Pays Tribute

“We mourn the loss of Poonam Bir Kasturi, a trailblazing waste management expert and founder of Daily Dump.

“Her passing is a significant loss for Bengaluru and everyone dedicated to decentralized and sustainable waste management,” expressed Uma Mahadevan Dasgupta, an IAS officer and Additional Chief Secretary for the Government of Karnataka.

At a recent event, She Sparks 2024, Poonam emphasized the need for efficient recycling as urbanization continues to increase. She spoke about the significance of community involvement and active participation in the waste recycling process to ensure success.

“I need your help to keep the story of wasting less, composting more, and buying sensibly alive,” she said.


Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Poonam Bir Kasturi. May her departed soul rest in peace.

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