Who is Maryam Raza as Pakistan Airlines PIA air hostess goes missing in Canada, biography and Instagram

Who is Maryam Raza as Pakistan Airlines PIA air hostess goes missing in Canada, biography and Instagram

PIA air hostess Maryam Raza has gone viral on Instagram

A Pakistani air hostess has gone missing in Canada, marking the second such incident this year involving a PIA stewardess disappearing upon arrival, as confirmed by the airline spokesperson.

This follows a troubling pattern, with at least seven PIA cabin crew members reported missing in Canada during their flight duties last year.

Who is Maryam Raza as Pakistani Airlines PIA air hostess goes missing in Canada, biography and Instagram

The latest disappearance involves Maryam Raza, a crew member of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), who was on board PIA flight PK-782 from Islamabad to Toronto on Monday.

Reportedly, she failed to report for duty on the return flight, PK-784 bound for Karachi, according to several media reports.

Subsequently, upon commencement of an official investigation and the opening of her hotel room in Toronto, authorities stumbled upon her uniform accompanied by a note expressing gratitude to PIA, stating, ‘Thank you, PIA.’


About Maryam Raza

Raza, with a 15-year tenure at the national carrier, had been assigned to the Islamabad to Toronto flight. This marks the second occurrence this year of a PIA stewardess mysteriously ‘disappearing’ upon reaching Canada, as reported by the airline spokesman to the media personnel.

Officials attribute this recurring phenomenon to Canada’s accommodating asylum laws, offering opportunities for individuals seeking refuge upon entering the country.

A parallel incident unfolded last month when an air hostess failed to report for the return journey after arriving in Canada. In the past year, a distressing pattern emerged as seven PIA cabin crew members went missing in Canada while carrying out their flight responsibilities.


Similar Incidents

As per reports, in November, it was revealed that two experienced flight attendants discreetly left in Canada following the arrival of a PIA flight from Islamabad to Toronto.

The flight attendants, named Khalid Mehmood and Feda Hussain, arrived in Canada on PIA flight PK772 from Islamabad. Upon reaching Toronto, instead of returning to their home country, the two individuals discreetly departed, according to a PIA spokesperson.

As per the airline’s representative, as disclosed by media reports, a crew member who had disappeared while on duty a few years ago has since established residence in Canada and is providing guidance to others considering seeking asylum.


Simultaneously, PIA management is actively working in conjunction with Canadian authorities to thwart any recurrence of such incidents in the future.

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