Who is Madison Blackband Taylor Swift fan whose reaction video crying to Exile song and memes went viral on Twitter/X

Who is Madison Blackband Taylor Swift fan whose reaction video crying to Exile song and memes went viral on Twitter/X

On Sunday night, local Brisbane resident Madison Blackband, still buzzing from the day’s excitement of the Taylor Swift Australia concert, prepared for bed as her memes went viral

Earlier, she had enjoyed the company of two close friends while sitting outside Sydney’s Accor Stadium, where Taylor Swift delivered her third consecutive sold-out performance in Australia.

Before calling it a night, Blackband shared a TikTok capturing her reaction to the surprise performance of “Exile,” a track from Folklore. The next morning, she awoke to a flood of messages on her phone.

Who is Madison Blackband Taylor Swift fan whose reaction video crying to Exile song during Australia concert went viral on Twitter/X

“When I checked [Twitter], the first thing that greeted me was this video,” Blackband recounts to Rolling Stone. “I realized, ‘Oh, it’s gone viral.’”

The particular video in question, a brief two-minute clip capturing Blackband’s emotional reaction to Swift playing ‘Exile,’ was initially intended for her small circle of friends and followers on TikTok. Blackband explains, “I posted it intending it for like 200 people, not millions.”

This occurrence isn’t unique, as Swifties have been documenting their surprise song reactions since the commencement of Swift’s record-breaking Eras Tour in 2023.

Users Criticizing Blackband?

However, within the three days since its creation, the video has taken on a life of its own. It has amassed over 10 million views on both TikTok and X (formerly Twitter), sparking memes and reaction videos. Unfortunately, it has also made Blackband the target of accusations and divisive opinions.


Critics claimed she was being overly dramatic, accusing her of performing for the camera and suggesting she should feel embarrassed for such a public reaction. Even those seemingly supporting her attacked her friends in the clip, labeling them as “snakes” and asserting they weren’t supportive enough.

For Blackband, a Brisbane-based model who enjoys attending concerts with friends, it has been disconcerting to witness a beautiful personal moment attract so much negativity from unfamiliar individuals. However, she does acknowledge that some of the memes have a humorous aspect.


Blackband Express Meme Have Humorous Aspect

“There’s no use in letting it bother me. I responded the way I did,” she states. “I’m aware that my friends weren’t judging me. It’s just who I am—I’m a passionate person.

“The opinions of those who find it embarrassing don’t hold any weight for me because I never thought it was embarrassing, and I won’t start thinking so just because someone suggests I should. I understand why people find it amusing. I even laughed at the video when I first watched it.”

Expressing her long-standing admiration for Swift, Blackband mentions that Folklore holds a special place in her heart due to its innovative storytelling. As for “Exile,” it’s not just her favorite Swift song; she declares it as her all-time favorite song. This profound connection explains the intensity of her reaction.

Blackband, however, clarified that she restricted comments on her account and chose not to provide an explanation because she felt she didn’t owe anyone anything, especially those who were being rude or demeaning.


“I turned the comments off, not because I can’t handle what people were saying, but because I just don’t see the point,” Blackband explained.

“In the video, obviously, I’m crying, and it might seem like I’m super upset,” she remarked. “At the beginning, I thought, ‘Oh no, I’ve lost this song as a surprise song.’

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