Who is Lorenzo Somaschini as motorbike rider dies in accident at Intergalos, bio, age and cause of death

Who is Lorenzo Somaschini as motorbike rider dies in accident at Intergalos, bio, age and cause of death

Here is all you need to know about Lorenzo Somaschini, a motorbike rider who passed away following serious injuries endured in an accident

The nine-year-old Argentine motorbike rider Lorenzo Somaschini passed away on Tuesday, according to motorcycle racing authorities, after suffering injuries in a mishap during a practice session of a junior championship in Brazil. 

Somaschini was immediately taken to a Sao Paulo hospital on Friday following a fall at the Interlagos track during free practice for the Honda Junior Cup, one of the major youth racing events in the region. 

Motorcycle riders between the ages of eight and sixteen are allowed to take part in the Junior Honda Cup on modified bikes with handlebars and pedals that allow them to reach speeds of up to 100 km/h (62 miles per hour). 

Who is Lorenzo Somaschini as motorbike rider dies in accident crash at Intergalos, bio, age and cause of death

Meanwhile, the superbike informed the sad news through their official account and their statement read, “Superbike Brazil informs, with great sadness and pain, of the death of rider Lorenzo Somaschini late on Monday.”  

Many from the motorsport fraternity paid tribute to the young deceased. With the number 99 on his bike, Somaschini honoured the late, three-time MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo, who he adored, and he extended his sympathies to the girl’s family. 


Lorenzo was his idol and seeing his fan die at such a young age broke his heart. The Spanish star wrote on his Instagram account, “My heart breaks because I was his idol and he had my number. Unfortunately, motorcycles can give us everything, at any time.”

Who was Lorenzo Somaschini?

Lorenzo Somaschini was a nine-year-old motorbike rider from Rosario who was also known as Lolo. His life was claimed by an unfortunate accident at such a young age. 


Diego Pierluigi, Somaschini’s trainer, stated that the sad incident occurred on the circuit’s slowest bend while he was travelling at a mere 40 km/h (25 miles per hour), a report in Reuters said. 

Diego, as per the aforementioned source said, “The fall was very slow, but Lolo hit his head on the very bottom of the helmet, in a position that caused inflammation at the base of his skull.” 


The young rider was admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo and was kept under intensive medical care; however, his life couldn’t be saved sadly. 

In April, he made his debut at the Buenos Aires Superbike. Not much is known about him, but the young rising star was definitely hopeful was a bright future ahead.