Who is Karl Porter UK comedian as slow-mo goal celebration video goes viral, bio, age, family, wife

Who is Karl Porter UK comedian as slow-mo goal celebration video goes viral, bio, age, family, wife

Comedian Karl Porter has gone viral for creating a slow-motion goal celebration scene from a football game, know about his family and wife

On his Instagram profile, he posted a video of his comedy performance at Up The Creek in London’s Greenwich neighbourhood, which has received close to 35 million views.

Who is Karl Porter UK comedian as slow-motion football goal celebration video goes viral, bio, age, family, wife, Instagram

Karl Porter, a well-known comedian in the UK, gained notoriety when his slow-motion goal celebration went viral on social media. Porter’s exaggerated and amusing response, which precisely captured the joy of scoring a goal, attracted attention. Here is a closer examination of how this amusing event transpired and the amazing response it garnered from football fans. 

The Celebration In Slow-Motion 

Karl Porter, who is known for his sense of humour, attended a recent football game as a fan.

When his beloved club scored, Porter couldn’t hold back his excitement and erupted into a slow-motion celebration. He mimicked a player’s wild gestures with exaggerated moves and facial expressions, which brought in riotous laughter from those around him. 


Who is Karl Porter?

The 30-year-old was born in May 1993 and hails from Salford, Manchester. He completed his high school education at Parklands High School and went to the University of Salford later. 

Karl Porter’s Family And Personal Life

His mother is Lorraine Porter, and his elder brother is Kevin Gree-Porter. He has been dating his singer, Red Roberts, for the last three years. On August 20, 2022, the pair got engaged and are soon going to get married.

Karl Porter’s Career

Karl has supported Liverpool FC in the Premier League for his entire life. Moreover, as a young child, he frequently imitated goal celebrations. Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen, and Wayne Rooney were three English football players he grew up admiring.

He had a number of jobs before deciding to pursue a career in comedy, including serving drinks at a Travelodge. He has worked as a binman at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium and as a salesperson for the aid company Help Your Claim.


Karl Porter’s Video Becomes A Viral Sensation

Karl Porter’s video quickly became popular on social media, receiving millions of views. His impeccable timing and movements precisely captured the euphoria felt by football supporters during a winning moment, rapidly piquing the interest of the crowd. Soon, multiple comments on the video were added, praising Porter’s comedy skills and emphasising how relatable his celebration was. 

Celebrities And Fans Reaction On The Viral Video

International football fans couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. After watching the video, many posted their own variations of Porter’s celebration in slow motion. Even celebrities and professional footballers joined in the fun, praising Porter’s comic skills and enjoying his original celebration. 

Career Impact on Karl Porter 

The unexpected viral success of Karl Porter’s slow-motion celebration has had a big effect on his professional life. He has gained a large following on social media, and his comedic talents are now recognized by a larger audience. Porter has had requests to sing on numerous occasions and has even appeared as a guest on well-known television programmes. 

This increased prominence has probably opened up exciting opportunities for the comedian. As Porter continues to dazzle audiences with his talent, his career is advancing. 


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