Who is Johnny Somali Kick streamer beaten in Japan in viral video and has he been arrested or deported

Who is Johnny Somali Kick streamer beaten in Japan in viral video and has he been arrested or deported

Johnny Somali is an American kick streamer who has not been arrested or deported by Japan yet

Find out more about him.

A viral clip of controversial Kick streamer Johnny Somali has surfaced on social media a day after his contentious exchange with Twitch streamer Meowko. In a video taken in Japan, Johnny is seen being knocked out during a street fight.

Who is Johnny Somali Kick streamer beaten in Japan in viral video on Twitter and has he been arrested or deported


Adding to the intrigue, his Kick account appears to have been banned shortly after a scuffle. The reason for the ban remains uncertain, as it could be related to his behavior towards Meowko or the offensive remarks that led to his altercation.


For the initiated, on September 10, Johnny Somali approached a Twitch streamer and claimed that he had been kicked off the site following a brief conversation. Showing people who have been permanently banned from Twitch is against the platform’s terms of service, which can lead to suspensions and strikes.

Johnny Somali is heard stating in the video clip:

Get banned, b*tch, get banned. You better walk away; you better not show me on your stream or you will get banned.

After the incident, Meowko became clearly upset about her live and later said on X (previously Twitter) that she had to speak with Twitch officials right away to avoid getting herself banned. Her post’s rough translation from Japanese is as follows:

I was able to avoid the ban because I responded quickly with the Twitch staff.


Regardless, it looks like Kick has now again suspended Johnny because attempting to access his page results in a 404 message, which is standard for suspensions on the platform. He has not been arrested or deported by the Japanese government as of now though. Since then, Johnny Somali has become the talk of the town, with many people trying to find out more about him. So, here’s what we know about him:

Who is Johnny Somali?

Johnny Somali is a notorious American kick streamer who is known for his travel-related streams. He has been in the news because his video of getting knocked out during a street fight went viral.


He has spent the majority of his time traveling through Asian nations, particularly Thailand and Japan. His content would distinguish him from that of other travel streamers thanks to his habit of getting into fights with locals.

Johnny Somali gained a reputation as a public annoyance while living in Japan, where he frequently gained notoriety for intimidating locals. This includes him stating to a local on public transportation regarding the World War II atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that America would “do it again.”

However, many people in Japan, as well as a few content creators, were outraged by his racist remarks. Notably, he is one of the few broadcasters who has been banned from Kick, despite the fact that the site is frequently criticized for its apparent lack of regulation.

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