Who Is Isaac Argro Ex-Boyfriend Of Azsia Johnson Who Shot Her Dead, Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Baby, News

Who Is Isaac Argro Ex-Boyfriend Of Azsia Johnson Who Shot Her Dead, Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Baby, News

Azsia Johnson intended to see Isaac Argro on Wednesday, June 29, because she felt horrible about keeping her child away from the father

The New York Police Department has arrested Isaac Argro, the man suspected of shooting Azsia Johnson at point-blank range while she was carrying their 3-month-old infant in a stroller on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. J

Know Who Is Isaac Argro Ex-Boyfriend Of Azsia Johnson Who Shot Her, Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Baby, News

ohnson was shot in the head at 8:30 p.m. on June 29. Argro was charged with Johnson’s murder and unlawful possession of a firearm on Friday, July 1, according to NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell.

The announcement was made via Commissioner Swell’s Twitter account “Isaac Argro, 22, has been arrested and charged with murder and criminal possession of a firearm in connection with the fatal shooting of Azsia Johnson on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. @NYPD Detectives are tenacious in their quest for justice.” According to the New York Post, Argro declined to speak with the investigators at the station house in Manhattan’s 19th Precinct and requested his counsel. He was caught in Brooklyn’s Brownsville area.


Argro’s Personal Life in News

Even though Johnson kept her distance from Argro, she wanted to meet her child’s father because she felt horrible about not engaging him in the process. As a result, the plan was to meet on Wednesday night, when she was shot near Lexington Avenue and East 95th Street.

Lisa Desort, Johnson’s mother, previously told the newspaper that Argro would always “[Argro] discover where my daughter resided.” 

Who exactly is Isaac Argro?

The 22-year-old male from Brooklyn had been on the government’s radar for some time due to reports that he mistreated and followed Johnson on many occasions, according to Johnson’s relatives and sources. Argro, as her mother said, would always find her.


She had contacted the authorities on New Year’s Day to report domestic violence because Argro had attacked her while she was 6 months pregnant. The 20-year-old mother even went to an East Harlem domestic abuse shelter to shield herself and the baby from the father’s fury, but Argro tracked her down there as well.

Following her murder, a 43-year-old seller named India, who sells a variety of things near East 104th Street, stated that Johnson had been selling her stuff to purchase a new house and escape Argro permanently.


“She claimed he knows where she lives,” India explained. She tries to flee, which is why she sells me so much stuff. She was terrified. She didn’t want her father to know her address. ‘What happened?’ I recall asking her. What occurred? ‘Speak to me.’ ‘India, I attempt to flee,’ she said. He’s following me, he’s following me.’

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