Who is Coutinho the bodyguard of Ronaldinho who Dani Alves is sharing a prison cell with

Who is Coutinho the bodyguard of Ronaldinho who Dani Alves is sharing a prison cell with

Dani Alves is still sitting in jail, awaiting further court proceedings with him housed with the bodyguard of Ronaldinho, Coutinho

Former Barcelona defender will remain in jail for the foreseeable future after the presiding judge dismissed his bail request last Friday.

When prison officials in Barcelona became concerned for Alves’ safety, they transferred him from Brians 1 to the adjacent Brians 2 facility. Recently, it came to light that his new prison cellmate shares the surname “Coutinho” with his former teammate during his second stint with Barcelona.

Who is Coutinho the bodyguard of Ronaldinho who Dani Alves is sharing a prison cell with in Barcelona

Alves’ cellmate has been further investigated, and it was found that he is acquainted with another former Barca great, Ronaldinho. Because Coutinho was the Blaugrana icon’s former bodyguard, perhaps Alves will feel more at ease in his new environment if Coutinho acts in an unofficial protective capacity for him in prison.

Alves may be stuck in jail with “Coutinho” for some time, as his case has yet to be set for trial. The Brazil player has adjusted well to life in Barcelona’s Brians 2 prison. He has been incarcerated for more than a week already, after being taken there on January 20 after the court in his case ordered his immediate and permanent detention without bail.


Since the Brazilian legend’s conviction for the rape of a young woman in a nightclub, the footballer has had to adjust to a totally new routine. The Brazilian bouncer (guilty of sexual assault) is ribbing his footballer cellmate about daily schedules, rules, and regulations inside prison.

Who is Daniel Alves? All about his age, early life, career, family life and much more!

Former right back for Liga MX club UNAM and the Brazil national team, Daniel Alves da Silva was born 6 May 1983. Alves, widely regarded as one of the best fullbacks of all time, holds the record for most football titles with 47 and is the most decorated player in football history.


Alves’s father, Domingos Alves da Silva, was a farmer, and the family lived in the city of Juazeiro in the Brazilian state of Bahia. He hung out with the neighbourhood youngsters and played football. Alves’ father shared his son’s enthusiasm for the sport and even managed to form a squad.

Daniel Alves worked hard since childhood

At age 6, Alves tried out for the team as a winger; however, he never had much success in that role, so his father switched him to right back, where he has remained ever since. Back when he was younger, Alves toiled in the fields super hard.

After beginning his career with Bahia in 2001, Alves spent the next six years with Sevilla, where he won two UEFA Cups and the Copa del Rey during that time. When he signed with Barcelona for €32.5 million, he became the third-most expensive defender in history.


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