Who is Angel Pacheco, bio, age, height, weight, MMA record, UFC contract

Who is Angel Pacheco, bio, age, height, weight, MMA record, UFC contract

Angel Pacheco is a Contender Series Fighter who recently received a contract to join the UFC from Dana White, despite his defeat, find out more about him below and his MMA record

Notably, Angel Pacheco is the current No.1 ranked of the 18 active Minnesota pro featherweights.

Who is Angel Pacheco, bio, age, height, weight, MMA record, UFC contract details

Just recently, Dana White has been facing widespread criticism regarding fighter pay, because most UFC fighters do not earn large amounts of money.

Dana White hands a UFC contract to Angel Pacheco despite his defeat

UFC CEO and President Dana White handed a contract to Angel Pacheco despite his defeat on the Contender Series. The Contender Series is a competition where underground MMA fighters compete to join the UFC. Although Pacheco lost his fight in the contender series, he still earned a contract in the UFC.

The move surprised both the fighter and fans, which was followed by a very heartwarming video of Angel crying while Dana White offers him the contract. Aside from Pacheco, six other fighters received contracts to the UFC following their performances in the Contender series. Out the six fighters, two of them were fighters who lost their fights including Angel Pacheco.


Angel Pacheco bio and age

Angel Pacheco is an American MMA fighter who was born on 1 January, 1992, and is currently aged 31. Pacheco competes in the Featherweight division and recently competed in the Contender Series, where fighters compete for a UFC spot. Interestingly, he received a UFC contract despite his defeat on the series. Pacheco fight under the New England Cartel team.

Height and weight

Angel Pacheco stands at a height of 1.73 m and roughly weighs around 65 kg.


Pacheco uses an Orthodox fight stance.


The 31-year-old fighter has an arm reach of 1.78 m.


Fight record and stats

Daniel Pacheco has so far fought in 9 professional fights where he has emerged victorious 7 times and lost twice. 5 of those wins came as TKOs while the other 2 came as submissions.

Dana White faces criticism for low UFC fighter purses

Despite earning huge profits last year, Dana White still went on to slash thirty million dollars from fighter pay. This has led to a major criticism and backlash because the majority of the UFC roster does not good money. Many critics and fans argued that the fight purses of UFC fighters do not reflect the level of risks involved.

MMA journalist John Nash recently stated:

last year, they had an earnings call. In that earnings call, they detailed how much the fighters made and how much growth we’ve seen in fighter pay from 2005 to 2021. I calculated that and that came out to $178.8 million fighter pay in 2021.”

John further stated that while the figures may not be exact that’s the amount they should have paid the fighters based on the given data. He stated that it amounts to 17.5 percent of the revenue in 2021. John stated that the UFC claims to have been able to cut fighter expenses by $32.8 million in 2022.

Meanwhile, fans have also questioned Dana about fighter pay, to which Dana responded in a popular Youtube video saying:


Believe me, these guys get paid what they’re supposed to get paid. They eat what they kill. They get a percentage of the PPV buys and the money is spread out amongst all the fighters.”

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