Who is actor Howard X impersonator of Kim Jong Un seen on Adin Ross Kick live stream interview

Who is actor Howard X impersonator of Kim Jong Un seen on Adin Ross Kick live stream interview

Popular YouTuber Adin Ross recently hosted a fake live chat with an impersonator of the Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un, breaking viewership records, check out more details below about Howard X

Just a few days ago, Adin Ross claimed that he had set up an interview with Kim Jong Un, sending the internet in a frenzy.

Who is actor Howard X impersonator of Kim Jong Un seen on Adin Ross Kick live stream interview video

Adin Ross is an American streamer who co-owns and hosts a live streaming podcast called Kick.

Adin Ross hosts fake chat with Kim Jong Un impersonator

The popular content creator hosted a live interview with the fake Kim which amassed a record-breaking over 300,000 live viewers. Adin’s live fake chat with ‘Kim Jong Un’ on Kick broke viewership records. Interestingly, the professional impersonator who appeared as Kim goes by the name Howard X on Cameo. Cameo is a website where users can hire actors to deliver personal messages. Interestingly, Adin even introduced the fake Korean leader to renowned social media personality Andrew Tate.


‘Kim Jong Un impersonator Howard X’

Following the viral live video, social media users online are very curious about who the ‘Kim Jong Un impersonator is. The famous impersonator is listed on Cameo as ‘Kim Jong Un impersonator Howard X’. According to his description:

Howard X, the first professional Kim Jong Un impersonator in the world has delighted, surprised and shocked people from all around the world since 2013. Known as the impersonator who surprised the North Korean cheerleaders at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, he has also made appearances in NYC, Osaka G20, the Kim/Trump summit in Singapore and his impersonation was so convincing that Vietnam government deported him for the 2nd Trump/Kim summit.”

The description further adds that Howard X has also featured in the viral music video “LollyBomb” by Little Big. It states that Howard offers a custom birthday message with a personalised greeting as well as customised death threats. He also offer threats of waging war to prank loved ones or enemies.  According to the description on Cameo, Howard X shoots all the videos professionally in a studio in full make up.

Notably, the real Kim hardly ever gives interviews, in fact, he has only given one public interview to foreign media till date, back in 2019. The interview was with Russian news channel Rossiya-24.


Adin Ross fake chat with ‘Kim Jong Un’ impersonator sparks funny reponses

Adin Ross fake chat has garnered quite the responses on YouTube, with various users joking in the video’s comment section. One user stated:

How did people actually think Adin was gonna bring on the real Kim Jong Un? people are so gullible.”

Another user wrote:


I was laughing so hard, I obviously didn’t expect it to actually be Kim but seeing this dude appear on the screen with his chin tucked back while his face is looking like he’s holding in a fart with this heavy non Korean accent had me dying. And when he came back to talk to Tate had me dying too”.

Yet another user stated:

There’s no way people thought it would be the real Kim Jong Un.”

One user joked:

No way people thought it’s gonna be real Kim.”

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