Flowers That Bloom At Night chapter 4 release date, time, Reddit spoilers, where to read

Flowers That Bloom At Night chapter 4 release date, time, Reddit spoilers, where to read

Flowers That Bloom At Night chapter 4 release date is now out

The story is set in a time when it was considered a woman’s duty to serve her husband both in life and in death.

Unfortunately, our main character’s husband passed away before she even had a chance to meet him. She has spent more time as a widow than as a spouse, and as a result, she is confined to a single room in her in-law’s house, with only one maid to attend to her daily needs.

Flowers That Bloom At Night chapter 4 release date, time, Reddit spoilers, where to read online

After her husband’s unexpected death due to undisclosed circumstances, Yeow-Ha became a widow. Her mother-in-law, Yu Geum-Seon, is exceedingly strict and does not allow her to leave her room for any reason. Her sole companion is Yeon-Seon, her maid, who is well aware of her antics and supports her completely.

The male protagonist of the Manhwa is Lim Su-Ho, a Military Escort Captain responsible for protecting Seok Ji-Sung during his 60th Birthday Celebrations. He arrived at the manor with his men and his bodyguard, Bi-Chan.


Bi-Chan mentioned that Ji-Sung’s daughter-in-law was exceptionally beautiful, but Su-Ho dismissed his comment since he hadn’t seen her himself. As he was contemplating this, he accidentally walked in on Yeow-Ha, who was getting scolded by Yu Geum-Seon for requesting to attend the party.

What we didn’t know was that Yeow-Ha leads a double life. When night falls, she disguises herself as a vigilante and goes on hunting missions. She is highly skilled with a bow and can even shoot accurately while riding a horse.

Su-Ho encountered Yeow-Ha while she was attempting to confront a debt collector. He followed her on horseback and was impressed by her skills. He almost caught her, but Yeow-Ha panicked after seeing a bug and fell on top of Su-Ho, accidentally sharing a kiss with him.

Su-Ho was taken aback by the unexpected kiss, allowing Yeow-Ha to slip away. Bi-Chan arrived shortly after, inquiring if Su-Ho had been defeated by the bandit. He remarked on Su-Ho’s flushed face. The scene then shifts to Yeow-Ha’s room, where Yeon-Seon is trying to stall Geum-Seon from entering, as Yeow-Ha had gone out.

Yeow-Ha stealthily returned and pretended to be praying just enough to satisfy Geum-Seon. She came dangerously close to being discovered. Afterward, Yeow-Ha realized that the accidental kiss she shared with Su-Ho was her first kiss.

Release Date


For those wondering to know more about the release of Flowers That Bloom At Night Chapter 4, let us tell you, the upcoming chapter of the story is scheduled to be out on Saturday, September 23, 2023.

Readers of the series can go through next chapter as per below mentioned time-zone:

PST: 8:00 AM

CST: 10:00 AM

EIT: 10:00 AM

EST: 11:00 AM


KST: 12:00 AM

JST: 12:00 AM

AEST: 1:00 AM

IST: 8:30 PM

CST: 5:00 PM


BST: 4:00 PM

PHT: 11:00 PM

CHT: 11:00 PM

SGT: 11:00 PM

Where to Read 

If you’re a fan of Flowers That Bloom At Night and have been following it for sometime yet aren’t sure where to get your hands on the next chapter, let us remind you, Chapter 4 of the series will be available to read online on the official sites of Kakao Webtoon and Kakao Page. 

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