Who are Jay Briscoe children, Gannon, Gracie, and Jayleigh and his wife Ashley Pugh

Who are Jay Briscoe children, Gannon, Gracie, and Jayleigh and his wife Ashley Pugh

Professional wrestler Jay Briscoe was killed in a car accident on Tuesday, his wife and three little children survived him

According to his wife Ashley Pugh, two of his daughters suffered serious injuries in the collision.

The 38-year-old, who went by the name Jamin Pugh, was best known for his time working for Ring of Honor. He and his brother Mark held the title of ROH World Tag Team Champions. Tony Khan, the owner of Ring of Honor (ROH), tweeted the news of Briscoe’s passing. Fans know him as Jay Briscoe and he has been a star in ROH for more than 20 years, from the first show to the present.

Who are Jay Briscoe children, Gannon, Gracie, and Jayleigh and wife Ashley Pugh

Ashley sent a statement on her Facebook page asking for everyone’s prayers for their two children, Gracie and Jayleigh. She said that Gracie is “on her way into surgery on her back” and said, “Jamin would want the whole world praying for his little baby.”

She wrote, “Worship God for the doctors and everyone else attending to her! “Pray for her delicate legs to move once more” The school staff also asked that everyone send their love to their daughter Jayleigh, who has suffered some “really terrible injuries” but is stable and recovering.


Ashley mentioned that their kid Gannon is “waiting at home,” so please pray for us all! We still have a great distance to travel!

Children of Jay Briscoe

A boy named Gannon Pugh and two girls named Gracie and Jayleigh Pugh make up Briscoe’s family of three. Throughout the pandemic, Briscoe and his kids recorded numerous films on Tiktok. A family photo of Jay and Mark Briscoe’s entire family was released online in April of last year. Gannon was seen on the left side of the picture, followed by Gracie and Jayleigh.

Numerous well-known people have honoured Jay Briscoe since his untimely death, including Triple H, Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, and others. Even though they held the ROH tag team titles 13 times, the late 38-year-old hero and his brother were the current champions. He was inducted into the ROH Hall of Fame in 2022 as well.



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