Kylie Rae all but confirms that Chris Jericho harassed her prior to exit from AEW

Kylie Rae all but confirms that Chris Jericho harassed her prior to exit from AEW

Legendary professional wrestler Chris Jericho was largely in charge of AEW’s early surge in popularity but he’s now in the news due to Kylie Rae

A concerning accusation surfaced about him on the day of AEW Worlds End, one that would cast him in a very different light.

Attorney Stephen P. New, who represents Ace Steel, CM Punk, and Chris Jericho, recently sparred on social media. The non-disclosure agreements that all parties engaged in Brawl Out signed were at the centre of the entire controversy. According to Chris Jericho, he never signed an NDA for this. Stephen P. New retaliated by stating that the AEW Employee Handbook included a confidentiality clause.

Wrestler Kylie Rae all but confirms that Chris Jericho harassed her prior to exit from AEW


A video of Nick Hausman criticizing Chris Jericho went viral

Chris Jericho was later criticized by Nick Hausman of the House of Wrestling for allegedly forcing people to sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) on his own. Hausman received another block from the former AEW World Champion as a result of that. Later, Nick Hausman interviewed Stephen P. New about all that was happening with that circumstance on his Rumor and Innuendo show.

Subsequently, a Nick Hausman video from that episode of Rumor and Innuendo went viral. Hausmen mentioned skeletons in Chris Jericho’s closet in that footage. In an attempt to draw a parallel between Jericho’s predicament and Jericho’s, he also mentioned Harvey Weinstein.

Nick said he knew many people who were being harmed by Chris and his activities, and there were concerns about Chris behind the scenes. He felt uncomfortable seeing him receive such praise and only being focused on that because he believed there were a lot of dubious stories about Chris that would eventually come to light when people were ready to share them, and they would paint a very different picture of him.


Did Kylie Rae leave because of Chris Jericho?

An earlier tweet that wasn’t very popular at the time was re-posted by an X account shortly after the video went viral. According to this tweet, Kylie Rae might have left AEW because of Chris Jericho. Another tweet discussed ladies who are holding off on discussing Chris Jericho until it’s safe to do so. In response, Kylie Rae shared a heart emoji on social media.

What caused Kylie Rae to quit AEW?

Sean Ross Sapp questioned Tony Khan about Kylie Rae’s employment status with the organization during the All Out 2019 press conference. She had reportedly asked to be released from the company, according to earlier reports, but at the time, no further details were available.


2019 saw Tony Khan formally announce Kylie Rae’s departure from AEW. He claimed that she requested and received her release. It was also reported that the separation was extremely amicable.