What is the “What’s up brother” trend on TikTok as Twitch streamer Sketch’s term goes viral

What is the “What’s up brother” trend on TikTok as Twitch streamer Sketch’s term goes viral

The new viral trend on TikTok involves fans emulating the internet-famous Twitch streamer Sketch’s iconic “what’s up brother” catchphrase

It has sparked a surge in sketch-based content on the platform.

The “What’s up brother” trend showcases the power of online communities in spreading catchphrases and creating engaging content across different platforms. There’s this guy named Sketch who’s really famous on Twitch. He is friends with Jynxzi who is another big streamer who got super popular in 2023 and won two awards at the Streamer Awards in 2024.

What is the “What’s up brother” trend on TikTok and its meaning as Twitch streamer Sketch’s term goes viral

Streamer Sketch has this thing that he always says, like his trademark. He lifts up his finger and goes, “What’s up brother?”


Now, in the past week, Sketch’s catchphrase is blowing up everywhere, even on TikTok. People are copying him left and right, and it’s all over their “For You Page.” It’s becoming a big trend. A TikToker named Don Vincent started a really popular trend using Sketch’s famous catchphrase. In one video, he got over 3 million views in just five days!

In the video, Vincent dared his female viewers to go up to their boyfriends, put their finger up, and ask them, “What’s up brother?” It’s became a big thing on the internet. Now, lots of couples on TikTok are giving this trend a shot and it’s turning out really funny. They’re trying out the challenge, and it often involves the boyfriends doing exactly what Sketch does, with all his gestures and stuff.

Sketch’s phrases from Madden, like “Tuesday, Tuesday,” and “Special teams, special plays, special players,” have become memes among male sports fans. Their girlfriends, puzzled by their familiarity, have sparked a TikTok trend. Women approach their partners with a finger up, saying, “What’s up brother?” prompting the guys to respond with Sketch’s phrases, fuelling the viral trend.


In one video, a woman even woke her boyfriend up from a deep sleep with the challenge. And guess what? He immediately responded with the catchphrase and even did the finger thing too! It’s getting pretty hilarious. Sketch saw Don’s video and left a comment saying, “TRUST.”


Sketch is getting famous worldwide, and even the NFL noticed him. They put a clip of him in one of their TikTok videos. It seems like Sketch is becoming a big deal online because of his upbeat personality and funny quirks. He’s already got over 600,000 followers on Twitch, so he’s on track to becoming one of the most loved streamers.

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