Who is Brantley alleged girlfriend of Keemstar and who is his daughter

Who is Brantley alleged girlfriend of Keemstar and who is his daughter

YouTuber Keemstar, known for his controversial commentary and DramaAlert channel, recently caused a stir when his company announced his death with many wanting to know about his girlfriend

DramaAlert initially revealed that the 42-year-old had passed away due to complications from a pulmonary embolism. However, it was later revealed to be an elaborate April Fools’ Day prank. Keemstar himself confirmed his well-being, stating, “Hope everyone had a fun April Fools. I’ve rejoined team alive.”

Known as a trailblazer in online media, Keemstar is celebrated for his commitment to reporting news and encouraging community dialogue. Despite the controversial nature of his content, Keemstar’s influence has been significant, touching the lives of many.

Who is Brantley alleged girlfriend of YouTuber Keemstar and who is his daughter

Not much is publicly known about Mia who is Keemstar’s daughter. However, it is evident that the father-daughter duo shared a special bond. Keemstar often shares glimpses of Mia’s achievements and milestones on his Instagram. In one post, he proudly announced, “My daughter Mia just won 1st place in her science competition! “We’re going to the states for 3 years in a row! Proud dad!!!”


Keemstar’s partners

In August 2021, DramaAlert host Keemstar ended his relationship with his former partner, Christine Youngman, who was 20 years old at the time. The breakup reportedly occurred due to controversy surrounding the age gap between Keemstar and Youngman. At the time, Keemstar revealed that he was “currently single and accepting applications.”

Keemstar’s recent posts on his official Instagram account suggest that he may be in a new relationship with Brantley. On Valentine’s Day, he shared a picture with Brantley, both dressed in black outfits, posing for a mirror selfie. This has sparked speculation about Keemstar’s current relationship status. However, nothing has been officially confirmed with nothing known about Brantley either.


Overall, Keemstar’s recent prank about his own death, his relationship status, and his daughter Mia provide a glimpse into the personal life of this controversial YouTuber.

Controversies surrounding Keemstar

Throughout his career, Keemstar has been no stranger to controversies and criticisms. He has faced backlash for his handling of sensitive topics, such as mental health issues, and has been accused of promoting toxicity within online communities. Additionally, his past behaviour and statements have sparked debates about his character and the impact of his content.


Despite the controversies surrounding him, Keemstar remains a prominent figure in the online community.

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