What is the meaning of Ronald Araujo’s hand gesture which he made after getting red card

What is the meaning of Ronald Araujo’s hand gesture which he made after getting red card

Ronald Araujo of FC Barcelona yet again sparked controversy with a hand gesture implying the match was fixed following his first-half red card and a robbery had taken place as per its meaning

For the unfamiliar, the Uruguayan defender found himself struggling to keep up with PSG’s Bradley Barcola, ultimately resorting to pushing him down just outside the penalty box.

As the last line of defense, Araujo was promptly shown a straight red card by the referee, leaving him stunned by the decision. His gesture, insinuating foul play in the game, added fuel to the already heated moment.

What is the meaning of Ronald Araujo’s hand gesture which he made after getting red card in Barcelona vs PSG

Due to receiving a red card, Barcelona found themselves in need of adjustments with only ten players on the field. Xavi’s solution was to substitute Lamine Yamal with Inigo Martinez.

Before the red card, FC Barcelona had been performing admirably, evidenced by their goal in the 12th minute. Yamal skillfully dribbled into the box and delivered a precise low pass, which Raphinha expertly redirected past Gianluigi Donnarumma with a swift poke of his leg.

Meanwhile, PSG swiftly seized upon Araujo’s red card by capitalizing on a cross from Barcola into the box, finding Ousmane Dembele. The ex-Barcelona player showcased his prowess by netting a spectacular goal, leveling the score to 1-1.

This marked his second Champions League goal, both scored against his former club.
Araujo found himself in a precarious situation with the possibility of receiving a yellow card against PSG due to his card accumulation. However, with this straight red card, he will be sidelined for the first leg of the Champions League semifinals if Barcelona advances past PSG.


Meaning of Araujo’s Hand Gesture

Football enthusiasts have elucidated the meaning and significance behind Ronald Araujo’s hand gesture following his dismissal during Barcelona’s loss to Paris Saint-Germain.

The defender received a direct red card for a challenge on Bradley Barcola just 29 minutes into the Champions League encounter. As he walked off the pitch, he made a hand gesture, spreading his fingers and twirling his hand. Viewers in England were left pondering its significance.


Fortunately, football enthusiasts well-versed in South American customs have stepped in to elucidate his actions. One Reddit user explained, “It’s the South American hand gesture for stealing. Araujo hails from Uruguay.”

Another user added, “I venture to say it’s also comprehensible in Spain. Without these comments, I would have assumed its universality.”


The prevailing sentiment among the commentators suggested that Araujo believed he had been robbed, with supporters from Portugal and Italy also recognizing the gesture.

As the chaos escalated, both Xavi and a member of Barcelona’s coaching staff were eventually ejected from the scene.

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