What is the “Grace Boor Toothbrush Video” trending on Twitter/X as Ryan Garcia’s ex-girlfriend goes viral

What is the “Grace Boor Toothbrush Video” trending on Twitter/X as Ryan Garcia’s ex-girlfriend goes viral

Grace Boor is a well-known social media figure who gained notoriety for her modelling and fitness-related posts on TikTok with her toothbrush video now viral

Social media influencers have a big influence on consumer trends and behaviours in the modern digital era. Grace Boor is one such influencer who lately attracted millions of people with her creative method of promoting dental hygiene.

What is the “Grace Boor Toothbrush Video” trending on Twitter/X as boxer Ryan Garcia’s ex-girlfriend goes viral

The Grace Boor Toothbrush Video” is a viral video that purports to include Ryan Garcia’s former girlfriend Grace Boor pleasuring herself with in an electric toothbrush.

The video became viral in the middle of 2024 and became more well-known after Boor joined Charleston White on an Adin Ross Kick stream, during which the chat window repeatedly displayed the red toothbrush emoji, prompting White and Ross to confront Boor about it.

Origin of the video

Grace Boor and Charleston White were on Adin Ross’s Kick stream on April 28, 2024. Within a month of being uploaded, the entire broadcast was seen over 153,000 times on the YouTube channel of Adin Live. At 1:46:24 in the video, White notes that people are spamming the chat with toothbrush emojis. White asks Boor to which Boor says, “Don’t ask.”


Those in the chat room during Boor’s participation on the stream claim to have a video of her using an electric toothbrush for self-gratification. Chat users repeatedly sent links to the X account @chap00001, whose post was removed and their account suspended due to X’s community norms being broken.

About Grace Boor

Grace Boor was born on September 9, 2002, in Indianapolis, Indiana. She spent most of her childhood with her sister Gabriella in Florida.

Grace pursued her schooling at Orange County, Florida’s Windermere High School, where she apparently earned very outstanding scores. She displayed an interest in the performing arts at a young age and participated in a number of school plays and dance productions.


Grace had an obvious charisma and innate ability to connect with people; it was obvious that she was meant for the spotlight. In addition to her social media pursuits, Grace has modelled, appeared in commercials, and endorsed products.

Her online identity is characterised by her stylish taste and candid demeanour, which have proven to be popular with her expanding fan base.


On TikTok, she’s well-known for her entertaining lip-sync and trendy fashion videos, and on Instagram, she’s celebrated for her bold portraits and modeling photos.

Additionally, Grace’s profile got a significant boost when she won the title of Miss Windermere Teen USA in 2018. This victory not only amplified her popularity, but also solidified her presence in the public eye, although she wasn’t as successful in the Miss Florida USA competition held in March 2019.

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