Who is Erwin Nagelsmann father of Julian Nagelsmann who was a German spy and committed suicide

Who is Erwin Nagelsmann father of Julian Nagelsmann who was a German spy and committed suicide

Germany’s manager, Julian Nagelsmann, recently opened up about the tragic passing of his father, Erwin, who, as Nagelsmann disclosed, served in the German equivalent of MI6 and took his own life 16 years ago

Nagelsmann, set to guide the host nation in the Euro 2024 campaign, shared the emotional experience of discovering the truth about his father while attending a coaching course during his youth.

Who is Erwin Nagelsmann father of coach Julian Nagelsmann who was a German spy and committed suicide

Initially thinking his father was a soldier, Nagelsmann learned during his teenage years that Erwin had been an operative for Germany’s federal intelligence service.

What Did Julian Nagelsmann Reveal?

“I cannot provide any further details on the matter, and I am not fully aware of the specifics of his actions,” Nagelsmann stated in an interview with Der Spiegel. “However, I can confirm that he was not involved in administration.

“When he confided in me, I was around 15 or 16 years old. During our trips from Landsberg, where we resided, to Munich for training, he would occasionally mention it. He shared some information, but it was mostly within the micropercentage range.


“He was restricted from discussing his job, which is why he often expressed that it became overwhelming for him. There was a lack of openness about the challenges he faced in his profession, ultimately placing a significant burden on him.”

Julian Admitted ‘It Was a Tough Experience’

Nagelsmann reflected on the challenging process of coming to terms with his father’s death. “It was a tough experience,” he admitted. “There was no suicide note, no explanation. However, the method he chose made it evident that his decision was resolute.

“It’s a heartbreaking situation for the family, but understanding that he genuinely wanted to end his life, without seeking help or sending signals, helped me. I believe I need to honor such a decision.


“My father, despite being a humorous and jovial person who enjoyed spending time with friends, playing the guitar, and singing, underwent a transformation towards the end of his life. It was a combination of his demanding workload and his overall well-being. The strain of his career became palpable in the later stages of his life.”

What Did Julian Say About Dismissal?

In March of last year, Nagelsmann faced dismissal from Bayern Munich after an almost two-year tenure at Allianz Arena. With the impending departure of Thomas Tuchel at the end of this season, Bayern is once again in the hunt for a new manager, and rumors suggest Xabi Alonso from Bayer Leverkusen could be a potential target.


Nagelsmann, however, cautioned that time is a scarce commodity for Bayern managers. “When I joined Bayern, the understanding was that changes would be implemented,” he stated.

“While some clubs provide the luxury of time, Bayern Munich has a different approach. Jürgen Klopp spent five years at Liverpool before clinching his first championship, and it took Pep Guardiola seven years at Manchester City to secure the Champions League title. Unfortunately, the managerial landscape at Bayern Munich does not afford as much time for the development of a lasting impact.”

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