What Is Lensa App, How To Use It, Price And Mod APK Download Link

What Is Lensa App, How To Use It, Price And Mod APK Download Link

As the social media users creating AI selfies for their platforms, Lensa app has been going viral, however, many are left wondered about how does app work and its price

Here’s all the information about the app that you might need to know about. Its APK file can be downloaded from here.

What Is Lensa App, How To Use It, Price And Mod APK Download Link As AI Selfie Trend Goes Viral

AI Selfie Trend & Lensa App

For those who are unversed about the Lensa app, let us tell you, the app came into lime-light due to the AI selfie trend has taken over the social media platforms.

The social media users always looking for something new to jump on the latest trend and the latest one trend happens to be to AI selfies which has created a buzz all over social media platforms.

The users have been sharing their selfies creations among the various platforms such as Twitter, TikTok and Instagram, which turned the trend into a whole new level.

What is Lensa App?

Speaking of the Lensa app, it is a picture editing app which can be used to bring out perfect selfies or to give retorches to your existing photographs.

In the app, you can find a number of tools available which can easily help you editing your pictures. For instance, the app allows the users to get a perfect face skin while adjusting the background and much more.


For those who aren’t much familiar with editing, they can let auto-adjust on, its the app’s most used feature which will help the app do it’s work on their own.

How to Use Lensa App?

For those who want to know and want to learn how to use the app, let us tell you, it’s quite easy to use. Users can follow the below mentioned methods to learn about it more:

First of all users have to create an account on the app after which they can start their one-week free trial.

Following by it they can click on the ‘Try Now,’ button to get started and followed by it user need to upload 10 to 20 selfies which they want to edit.


Once the photos have been uploaded, user need to select their gender, and later they need to select the number avatars that they want to have.

Let us remind you, the app can have you a free trial of around one week, post which, users have to pay a sum of $2 for 50 avatars, $3 for 100 avatars and $4 for 200 avatars.

After selecting the Avatar, used can generate their AI selfies.


For those who want to purchase the subscription of the app they can purchase it on the monthly $7.99/month or $29.99/per year. However, user can end their subscription anytime they want.

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