What Is The MyHeritage AI Time Machine Tool Viral On TikTok And Website Online Link

What Is The MyHeritage AI Time Machine Tool Viral On TikTok And Website Online Link

TikTok users are recently going gaga over a new trend which involves MyHeritage AI Time Machine tool

The trend which lets platform users generate their historical pictures via using Artificial Intelligence has taken over the platform as thousands are joining in the trend.

Although many are hopping in the trend, many have left wondering what exactly the trend is. For those who are left confused, here’s everything that you need to know.

What Is The MyHeritage AI Time Machine Tool Viral On TikTok, How To Use For Free And Website Online Link

Let us remind you, MyHeritage is a genealogy site that dropped this free tool, which is now being used for the recent trend, last month.

Although the tool is free to use however, it is only available at no extra cost for a limited number of times. After the limited number is over, either users have to pay a sum or they have to wait before they can use it again.

As of now, the AI Time Machine Tool of the site is being used to generate images for the crazy trend on the video-sharing platform which has seen more than 40 million views.


What’s the AI Time Machine Tool?

For those who are still wondering about the tool, let us simplify it for you, it is an Artificial Intelligence based tool created by MyHeritage website.

This tool allows users to see what they might look like in the past. Users can use the tool to find out their appearance in different periods using the tool.

The tool simply asks users to upload a number of their pictures and then it simply processes them using Artificial Intelligence and generates historical pictures.

Sometimes results are as incredible as mesmerizing while a few times they are as weird as bizarre trends.

The trend which follows the hashtag #AITimeMachine has gained more than 30 million views on TikTok alone while the other hashtag #MyHeritageTimeMachine managed to receive more than 10 million views.

How Does Tool Work?

The tool uses artificial intelligence to process one’s image to generate the historical result. The site presently allows its users to try the tool for free.


The tool simply asks its users to upload as many as 10 to 25 pictures taken at different angles including 3 full body shots, 5 shots captured from chest up, 10 close ups etc.

Once users upload these pictures, the AI processes them accordingly to generate the result.

How to Use the AI Tool?

Using the AI Tool to get your historical results is quite easy. A user needs a PC or Mobile phone with a fast and stable internet connection.

Once you’ve PC, mobile phone and stable internet, just visit the MyHeritage website and click on the “Try It Now For Free” option.

Later, you need to upload a series of images. Try to upload them in the recommended manner. Once you’re done uploading just wait for the tool to do its magic as the tool will take some time to show the results.


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