Were Arch Manning and Olivia Dunne really dating as rumors go viral

Were Arch Manning and Olivia Dunne really dating as rumors go viral

Speculation swirls around two notable collegiate athletes, Arch Manning and Olivia Dunne, igniting interest and discussion among fans and the media.

The Texas Longhorns quarterback and the LSU gymnast, both known for their athletic skills and significant social media followings, have become the subjects of intense scrutiny due to their online engagements.

Were Arch Manning and Olivia Dunne really dating each other as rumors go viral

Speculation began in 2023 when Manning and Dunne started following each other on Instagram, catching their followers’ attention.

Dunne, who has built a large fanbase through her gymnastics achievements and social media presence, and Manning, the latest star from the illustrious Manning football family, set off a flurry of gossip with their interactions.

The Intrigue deepened when both athletes posted cryptic messages on Instagram. Dunne shared a picture with the caption “tis the pre-szn,” while Manning followed with a post captioned “Spring coolin.”

Fans quickly noticed these posts and Dunne’s new Instagram follow of Manning, which he reciprocated. These subtle online cues fueled rumors of a possible romance.

Despite neither Manning nor Dunne directly addressing the rumors, their interactions have kept fans intrigued. Dunne’s openness about her preference for country boys, coupled with her following of Manning, who notably favors the University of Texas, has added layers of fascination.


This connection prompted fans to dissect every social media move for potential hints. However, it’s crucial to approach these rumors with caution.

Are Dunne and Manning Really Dating?

Both athletes are deeply committed to their sports and careers, warranting respectful speculation about their private lives.


The intense scrutiny from media and fans can be overwhelming, particularly for young athletes navigating their public personas.

As of 2024, the speculations about a relationship between Dunne and Manning have been overshadowed by Dunne’s confirmed romance with MLB player Paul Skenes.

This relationship has captured significant attention in the sports world, shifting focus from Manning to Skenes. Dunne and Skenes seem dedicated to each other, often seen supporting one another at events and sharing moments on social media.


This development effectively quells the rumors regarding a romance between Dunne and Manning.

Both athletes remain focused on their respective careers, with Dunne excelling in gymnastics and leveraging her social media influence, while Manning continues to make strides in college football, notably showcased by his impressive performance in the Spring Game.

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