Watch Woman Falsely Accuses Blind Surfer Pete Gustin Of Staring At Her In The Gym, Video Goes Viral

Watch Woman Falsely Accuses Blind Surfer Pete Gustin Of Staring At Her In The Gym, Video Goes Viral

Pete Gustin, a well-known American voice actor and YouTuber has recently been in the news because one of his older videos has been remerged with the blind surfer accused of staring at a woman in a viral video

Our older ones always tell us to assist or accommodate physically or mentally challenged people. But unfortunately, some people simply do not get the idea.

Similarly, the video about one blind man who was charged with staring at a female gymgoer has become a trending topic on various social media platforms. That man is none other than a famous voice actor and on-screen actor, Pete Gustin.

Woman Falsely Accuses Blind Surfer Pete Gustin Of Staring At Her In The Gym, Video Goes Viral

Despite admitting that he was blind, he was warned not to stare at other people when they were uncomfortable. He originally published a video roughly nine months ago but the video has recently reappeared online.

Since his video resurfaced, he has been the talk of the town and many people are trying to find out more about him. So, let’s find out more about him:

Who Is Pete Gustin?

Pete Gustin is a well-known American voice actor, on-camera host and YouTuber. He is currently in the news because his old video has resurfaced.

He is from From Winchester, Massachusetts. He currently lives in Carlsbad, California.


He did his schooling at Winchester High School. He studied from Studied at Boston University.

He is in a relationship with Maggie Carpenter.

His Career

At the CESD Talent Agency, Pete Gustin began his career as a voice-over talent. He then worked for Fox News as a voice talent. He later worked for Atlas Talent as well.  He currently works for Fox News as a freelance Voice Over Artist.


He has won the Benztown Top 50 Radio Imaging Voices award four times, the SOVAS Voice Arts Award for Outstanding TV Promo of the Year, and the Outstanding Movie Trailer Voice Over of the Year two times each.

He has appeared in two Super Bowl advertisements, almost every major American television network, and hundreds of radio stations both domestically and abroad.

Popular Video Of Pete Gustin Explained

In the popular video, Pete Gustin said,

I’m blind. If you know what those two words mean, then you’re much smarter than the girl who was screaming at me at the gym. I’m standing there doing a tricep pushdown exercise and since I can’t see I’m just kind of staring off into space doing my thing.

Gustin added that he could hear footsteps approaching him. He then encountered a woman who said that she wasn’t in the gym to be ogled by an unfamiliar person. Immediately after saying sorry, the man revealed his blindness.


But the woman’s attitude remained unchanged. She said she simply didn’t care about his disability. Later, Pete Gustin was also instructed by the gym’s management. The manager told the blind man,

Okay, but you still can’t make other gym members uncomfortable by looking at them.

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