Watch video of Namtira Bwala being bullied by Maryam Hassan student of Lead British International School, Abuja goes viral

Watch video of Namtira Bwala being bullied by Maryam Hassan student of Lead British International School, Abuja goes viral

The video of Namtira Bwala being bullied and slapped by Maryam Hassan, a student of Lead British International School, Abuja has gone viral

A user on X/Twitter, who goes by the name @mooyeeeeeee, has called for justice for a female student from Lead British International School, Abuja, who she claims was bullied by her peers.

Video of Namtira Bwala being bullied by Maryam Hassan student of Lead British International School, Abuja goes viral on Twitter/X

A video of Maryam emerged on social media. In the video, she was seen apologising to Namtira as she said, “My name is Maryam Hassan. I am sincerely sorry for what I did to Namtira Bwala. I am also apologising to all you people out there, I am sincerely sorry, I wish this never happened.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Bwala, former spokesperson for Atiku Abubakar’s presidential election campaign has refuted the claim that the bullied student is his daughter.

For the unversed, in a post made on Monday night, featuring two videos, the platform user urged her followers to spread the word to raise awareness and seek justice for the victim. The student being bullied has since been identified as Namtira Bwala with Maryam Hassan said to be the student bullying her.

What Exactly Happened?

The user who shared the post captioned it, “I’m about to share a video. I need your help to ensure justice is served. This girl was bullied by her classmates at Lead British School, Abuja. Please make this go viral so she can get justice,” as she dropped the video on X.

One of the videos shows the victim being slapped repeatedly by another female student while being asked, “Who broke my heart?” In another video, the victim was captured sitting beside a male classmate who can be heard saying, “I ruined her relationship.”


At the this this article was written, the post had received over 1,000 comments. Many people expressed outrage and urged the school administration to look into the incident.

Several users pointed out the situation and criticized the authorities. Meanwhile many put out their opinion on bullying.


Social Media User’s Reaction 

One such platform user who goes by the name, @knownso1, expressed concern over a troubling incident, commenting, “It’s hard to watch this.”

Another X/Twitter user, @Lefter_11, recommended that the girl’s parents take action by contacting the police and the school administration.

“They should involve the police and report those kids to the school. Some of us who attended public schools would handle bullies ourselves, but it’s better for parents to know and take official action,” the user remarked.

Meanwhile, another user, @sadiqGsadiq shared a screenshot suggesting that the school might have a broader problem with bullying. The screenshot claimed that another student had attacked a classmate with a knife but only received a two-day suspension as punishment.


What Did the Post Reveal

The post says that “bullying Is a significant problem at Lead British International School.” It further continues, “The worst part is, the school doesn’t seem to take it seriously. The punishments they give out are weak, like making students pick up trash. Do they think that’s going to stop anyone from bullying? It’s ridiculous, to be honest.”

As of now, the school hasn’t responded regarding the bullying incident or the viral post. According to reports, the School was established back in September 2007. It has 2 annexes in Abuja and 2 branches in Ibadan.

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