Watch Michael Bisping chokes Steve-O unconscious, video goes viral

Watch Michael Bisping chokes Steve-O unconscious, video goes viral

The video of Michael Bisping and Steve O has gone viral

In a thrilling and unexpected turn of events, former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping left fans in awe as he successfully choked out renowned prankster and reality TV star Steve-O in a jaw-dropping social media video.

The daring stunt took place during a collaboration between Bisping, Marvin Vettori, and the pranksters, including YouTube sensation Stevewilldoit.

Michael Bisping chokes Steve-O unconscious, video goes viral

Michael Bisping, who retired from the sport in 2018 after losing his world title, has maintained his connection to the UFC as a commentator. On Saturday night’s UFC event at the Las Vegas Apex facility, Bisping was in attendance, working as a commentator and posing for pictures with stars after the show. Little did he know that he was about to embark on an adrenaline-fueled adventure that would capture the attention of fans worldwide.


Steve-O and Stevewilldoit approached Bisping and Marvin Vettori, a current top middleweight contender, to participate in a daring stunt for their social media video. The plan? To engage in a friendly competition and see who could render their respective pranksters unconscious the fastest. Both Bisping and Vettori agreed to the challenge, demonstrating their fearlessness and willingness to push boundaries.

Michael Bisping leaves Steve-O unconscious in 13 second choke hold challenge

The camera captured the entire ordeal, which Bisping later posted on his YouTube channel, giving fans a front-row seat to the heart-pounding action. But before executing the chokes, both pranksters emphasized their commitment to avoid any legal action. Steve-O made it clear that there would be no lawsuits, stating, “There’s no lawsuits, this is what we want.” Bisping further solidified the agreement by requesting Steve-O to stare into the camera and say, “I will not sue f***ing anyone.”


With the ground rules set, Michael Bisping and Vettori proceeded to implement the chokes on their respective targets. The atmosphere was tense as both pranksters willingly subjected themselves to the potentially dangerous maneuver. Seconds ticked by, and the anticipation reached its peak. In a matter of just 13 seconds, Steve-O found himself rendered unconscious by Bisping’s expertise.

Steve-O makes miraculous recovery after being rendered unconscious

Concern for Steve-O’s well-being quickly dissipated as Michael Bisping promptly woke him up, ensuring his safety after the intense maneuver. Miraculously, both Steve-O and Stevewilldoit appeared unharmed and recovered relatively quickly from the unexpected experience. The video captured Steve-O’s first words upon regaining consciousness, “Oh s***, I didn’t even know what was going on.” Bisping, relieved to see his friend awake, playfully referred to him as a “crazy b******” and admitted to being “scared to death” during the moment of unconsciousness.

The collaboration between Michael Bisping and the notorious pranksters, Steve-O and Stevewilldoit, is not without its connections and history. Steve-O rose to fame as part of the iconic MTV show Jackass, known for its outrageous and daring stunts. Also Stevewilldoit, a member of the popular YouTube group Nelk, drew inspiration from Steve-O’s fearless antics. Over the years, the veteran showman has taken the social media group under his wing, forging a friendship rooted in their shared passion for boundary-pushing content.


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