Watch Ja Morant brings out gun during Instagram live, video goes viral on Twitter

Watch Ja Morant brings out gun during Instagram live, video goes viral on Twitter

The video of Ja Morant flashing a gun on his Instagram live has gone viral

In a recent development that has raised eyebrows and sparked criticism, former NBA player Stephen Jackson publicly condemned Memphis Grizzlies’ talented point guard Ja Morant for his involvement in a controversial incident featuring a firearm.

Morant, known for his exceptional skills on the basketball court, found himself at the center of a firestorm after flashing a gun during an Instagram Live session.

The incident unfolded during one of Morant’s Instagram Live streams when viewers witnessed the young athlete displaying a firearm. This action caught the attention of Stephen Jackson, a respected figure within the basketball community, who wasted no time expressing his disapproval. Jackson, renowned for his outspoken nature, deemed Morant’s behavior “the dumbest thing he could have done.”

Ja Morant brings out gun during Instagram live, video goes viral on Twitter


During an episode of the I Am Athlete’s Paper Route show, the 45-year-old former NBA star shared his thoughts on the matter. “It’s not what you do, it’s what you do after. And, what you do after is not do the same thing again, like what [Ja] just did,” Jackson stated, highlighting the importance of learning from one’s mistakes and avoiding repeat offenses.

Flashing a weapon on a public platform such as Instagram has sparked concerns regarding the message it sends, particularly considering the significant influence athletes hold over their fans and the broader community. Stephen Jackson’s criticism suggests that Morant’s actions were not only ill-advised but also have the potential to perpetuate a negative image associated with firearms.

Ja Morant faces suspension as Memphis Grizzlies take swift action

Interestingly, Jackson had initially come to Morant’s defense when the young Memphis Grizzlies star first flashed a gun on social media. However, the former NBA player’s stance took a complete turn this time around, as he vehemently disapproved of Morant’s latest act. “All the people like me that were taking up for him, that said ‘it was a mistake, he’s a young kid,’ we can’t go to bat for him this time. This is the dumbest thing he could’ve done. This is a moron move,” Jackson expressed passionately.


As a result of the incident, the Memphis Grizzlies took swift action by suspending Ja Morant, who is only 23 years old. The suspension followed the emergence of yet another video featuring Morant. In this footage, the two-time NBA All-Star can be seen holding a handgun while seated in a car with a friend.

Memphis Grizzlies’ suspension sends strong message on accountability

The suspension serves as a clear indication that the Grizzlies organization takes such matters seriously and will not tolerate behavior that could potentially tarnish the team’s reputation. It also serves as a reminder to athletes of the responsibility they bear as public figures and the influence they wield over impressionable individuals.


The incident involving Ja Morant has sparked a broader conversation about the role of professional athletes and the impact their actions can have on society. It highlights the importance of making responsible choices both on and off the court, as well as the need to think about the potential consequences of one’s behavior.

As this story continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Ja Morant will respond to the criticism and the suspension. The incident serves as a valuable lesson for the young basketball star, reminding him of the need to make thoughtful decisions that reflect positively on himself and the team he represents. Furthermore, it underscores the broader discussion about the responsibility athletes hold in shaping the perception of firearms and promoting a positive image for their fans and the community at large.

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