Watch Mauricio Pochettino and Neil Barnett spar Chelsea during press conference, video goes viral

Watch Mauricio Pochettino and Neil Barnett spar Chelsea during press conference, video goes viral

A video of Mauricio Pochettino and Neil Barnett has gone viral

The resounding victory was overshadowed by a dispute among three Chelsea players regarding who would take the penalty kick.

For the unversed, Nicolas Jackson and Noni Madueke assertively wrested the ball from Malo Gusto’s possession following the Blues’ penalty award in the second half.

Mauricio Pochettino and Neil Barnett spar Chelsea during press conference, video goes viral

The two players engaged in a physical altercation, pushing each other back and forth until Cole Palmer, the Blues’ designated penalty taker, who had earned the penalty, stepped in along with Conor Gallagher.

Palmer eventually gained control of the ball, converting the penalty for his fourth goal of the night, extending Chelsea’s lead to 5-0.

Apparently, during the post-match interview, Pochettino appeared visibly furious at the strange confrontation and objected to being questioned.

What Exactly Happened?

A video across social media platforms captures the Chelsea manager complaining about the line of questioning as he exited the media room at Stamford Bridge.

“We’ve been discussing one thing all day,” the Argentine remarked to reporters, alluding to the penalty incident. Just as he was about to leave the room, Pochettino turned back towards the press pack to emphasize his point.


He emphasized that “You all [asked] one [question] all press conference.” By then, Neil Barnett, Chelsea’s ex-pitchside announcer, hinted that more varied questions might have arisen had the press conference continued.

He replied, “You ended the press conference.” Unfazed, referring to the penalty incident, Pochettino continued, “Every inquiry revolved around this topic.”

As the Chelsea manager departed the room, Barnett, who has hosted The Football Show on US radio SiriusXM for 14 years, remarked, “s*** management of a press conference.”


Conversing about the penalty fiasco, Pochettino stated, “First of all, I want to tell you to make clear that they know, the players know, the staff know, the club know, that the taker on penalties is Cole Palmer.”

Pochettino further added, “It is a shame. I am so, so upset about this situation. We are talking in the dressing room about the image that we sent because this is Monday night football and in every single country they were watching the game.

“We cannot send this type of image. It is a shame and I want to apologize to football people and our fans because that is unacceptable.”


He went on to claim that both Madueke and Jackson would be “out” if they continued to behave that way again. Pochettino told the reporters, “I told them this is the last time I can’t accept this type of behavior. They’re all, involved in this situation, all out next time.”

On the other hand, in a post-match interview, Palmer solidified his position as Chelsea’s designated penalty-taker. During the post-match interview, Palmer stated, “Everyone wants to score, especially the attackers. It’s nothing, we have spoken about it, we have brushed it under the carpet.”

He further added, “I think it just shows the mentality of the players, they want to take it, but the gaffer has told us, it’s been brushed aside and I’m sure it won’t happen again.” After being pressured on whether he was the team’s first choice to take penalties, he replied, “Well, I am now, yes.”

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