Is Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel alive or dead and what is his latest health condition

Is Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel alive or dead and what is his latest health condition

Know what is the latest health condition of Mar Mari Emmanuel and if he’s dead or alive

If you’re using social media platforms like Facebook, X and Reddit, chances are you must’ve encountered videos of Sydney’s Bishop which left everyone stunned.

For the unversed, Social media is currently flooded with videos of a Bishop, who was allegedly stabbed during a church service.

According to reports, these startling livestream videos seemed to capture the moment when Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was assaulted while delivering a sermon to his congregation.

Is Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel alive or dead and what is his latest health condition as he’s stabbed

For the unfamiliar, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel is the head of the congregation of Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley, Sydney.

The bishop is in a stable condition and called for calm in the community following the rioting which occurred after the incident when an angry mob descended on the church. 53 year old Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel’s life was likely saved from death because his alleged attacker’s flick-knife failed to open properly during the attack after which he was taken to the hospital. He has since prayed for the attacker who is likely a Muslim by religion as per reports.

He rose to prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic and garnered a substantial following online.

Renowned for his engaging presence on the video-sharing platform TikTok, the church leader currently enjoys over 290,000 followers on his church’s official Facebook page.

The head of the Christ The Good Shepherd Church serves as a prominent Christian Orthodox figure assuming the leadership within his community. He began his journey with ordination as a priest in 2009. Soon afterwards he elevated to the esteemed position of Bishop in 2011.


Within his church, Mar Mari Emmanuel stands as the sole Bishop, accompanied by a complement of four other dedicated clergymen. The congregation gathers at Wakeley’s Christ The Good Shepherd Church, nestled in the vibrant city of Sydney.

What Exactly Happened?

For those wondering, as per reports, on Monday, April 15, 2024, during the event Mass at Christ The Good Shepherd Church, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel faced a brutal attack just after 7:00 PM.

According to media reports, the Bishop was assaulted with a pen which led him to suffer multiple wounds. However, he was swiftly taken to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention.


After witnessing the attack on Bishop, the members of the Congregation intervened and managed to grab the assailant, who was later taken into custody by the authorities.

Following the attack, a disturbing image of the assailant emerged on social media depicting him smiling for the camera as he was being restrained on the floor. This spine-chilling event was captured live on a YouTube livestream.

The event where Bishop was delivering his sermon at the altar was livestream, when a man suddenly approached the Bishop and violently attacked him, causing panic among the worshippers. The swift response of several churchgoers rushing to assist was audible amidst the chaos.


Subsequent footage captured the Bishop being transported on a stretcher to an awaiting ambulance, with concerned onlookers gathering outside the church.

What Did Police Say?

Earlier, in a statement, the authorities confirmed that “a police operation is now underway” in Wakeley. The officials further stated that they had, “Arrested a male and he is assisting police with inquiries.

“The injured people suffered non-life-threatening injuries and are being treated by NSW Ambulance paramedics. A large police response is underway and the public is urged to avoid the area.”

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