Watch: Mason Mount And Jordan Henderson Throw FIFA 22 Copy In The Dustin Bin After Learning Their Ratings

Watch: Mason Mount And Jordan Henderson Throw FIFA 22 Copy In The Dustin Bin After Learning Their Ratings

Mason Mount was seen throwing his FIFA 22 copy into a dustbin, know the reaction of other Chelsea and Livepool players after seeing their ratings

FIFA 22 is now officially released and all the details of the games are out. Just like any other edition of FIFA, the game failed to satisfy all players with their ratings. Or even, we can say that this edition is one of the most disliked editions when it comes to the players’ ratings. Why do we say so?

The ratings of the FIFA 22 are now out. Furthermore, most of the players are not happy with the ratings they have received from the developers. Most of that players need an update asap as they feel, they deserve more respect based on their ratings. So, here are all the details about the reaction of star players on FIFA 22 including the insane reaction of Chelsea midfielder, Mason Mount.

Mason Mount, Jordan Henderson, And Other Players Reaction On FIFA 22 Ratings

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson received a rating of 84 in the latest edition. The star reacted in a fuming way as he threw away the copy of FIFA 22 out of rage. Similar reactions were seen from other Liverpool players.


Sadio Mane saw a downfall of 1 rating from 90 to 89. Allison was not happy with his pace rating which is 52. Joe Gomez called his ratings ‘ a shambles’ after receiving just 82. Diego Jota was an important player for Liverpool last season and scored 9 goals for the reds. Despite that, the striker managed to receive only 82 ratings. Mo Salah also saw a cut of 1 rating and the Egyptian didn’t seem happy in front of the media.


Similar reactions were seen in the Chelsea camp. Ballon D’or favourite Jorginho called the ratings ‘ a joke’ after receiving 86 in passing. Also, Cesar Azpilicueta agreed with a fan, when he called the developers did dirty by rating him only 83.

The goal scorer of Chelsea in the UCL final, Kai Harvetz also received a less rating from the previous season which was 85. Looking at all these, the star midfielder of Chelsea Mason Mount threw the copy into a nearby dustbin.


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