Watch: Fans Throw Bottles At Raul Jimenez As He Steps Up To Take Penalty During Mexico vs El Salvador

Watch: Fans Throw Bottles At Raul Jimenez As He Steps Up To Take Penalty During Mexico vs El Salvador

The El Salvador fans were in a particularly spiky mood as they threw bottles at Raul Jimenez during his penalty in El Salvador vs Mexico

The El Salvador fans spared no expense in trying to waver Mexico’s concentration during their side’s soccer match with the country.

After partying all night long outside the Mexican team’s hotel room in a bid to disrupt the visitor’s sleep, the El Salvador miscreants were back with their antics on the pitch as well. Not only did they persistently boo and jeer the Mexican players but also resorted to throwing a barrage of missiles at them with Raul Jimenez being greeted by a hoard of bottles from the stands as he stepped up to take his penalty.


El Salvador Fans Throw Bottles At Raul Jimenez During His Penalty

However, the Wolverhampton striker was unfazed by the shenanigans as he calmly slotted home a cool penalty. The goal came in the wake of his horrific head injury last year, one which had ruled him out for almost a year from the game.


Mexico had taken the lead in the first half from a corner as Hector Moreno scored for the side. The side doubled its lead come the second 45 minutes as Raul Jimenez scored to seal a 2-0 win for his side.

The win for the visitors at the Cuscatlan Stadium in Sal Salvador saw Mexico become the outright leaders of the CONCACAF qualifiers. Despite Nestor Araujo being sent off, Mexico showed the massive difference in quality between them and their opponents with the visiting side unfazed by the man disadvantage for the majority of the second half as they controlled the contest with ease to take the three points.


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