Watch Brittney Griner says she wants transgender athletes to participate in women’s sports

Watch Brittney Griner says she wants transgender athletes to participate in women’s sports

Brittney Griner, a star in the WNBA, is using her voice to back transgender people who want to play sports with women

Griner was asked about laws that try to stop transgender people from playing sports at a recent press meeting in Phoenix, where she is continuing to play with the Phoenix Mercury. Her answer was firm: “That ranks high on the list of things I’ll be fighting for and speaking up against.”

Brittney Griner says she wants transgender athletes to participate in women’s sports

Griner, who was held captive in Russia for almost 10 months and just got back to the U.S., said, “Everyone deserves the right to play. Everyone deserves the right to come here, sit in these seats, and feel safe. And not feel like there’s the threat, or they can’t be who they are, or like it’s just all eyes on them.”

She went on to say that splitting someone based on their gender identity is a crime and that she will speak out against legislation and laws that try to do this.

Brittney Griner advocates for transgender participation amidst controversy

Griner’s words come at a time when there is a lot of discussion about transgender people playing sports for women. The Kansas State High School Activities Association’s executive board decided on Wednesday that high schools and middle schools must look at transgender players’ first birth certificates before deciding which teams they can play on.


The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act was also passed by the House of Representatives last week. Its goal is to stop biological men from participating in sports for girls and women.


But Griner has never changed her mind about the fact that everyone should be able to play. She is getting ready for her 10th season in the WNBA after re-signing with the Phoenix Mercury in February. She missed all of last season because she was arrested at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport in February 2022 for having weed oil in vape canisters.

Brittney Griner talks about her teturn to the court

“I always believe in my ability,” Griner said Thursday, according to ESPN. “Being realistic, am I exactly where I want to be? No. But I’m on the right track. The first two weeks, first month [of basketball training] … it was hard. At first, there was a point where it was like, ‘Wow, do I really want to do this this fast right now?’ But it was so worth it.”

Griner was still one of the best centres in the league during her last season with Phoenix in 2021. She scored 20.5 points, 9.5 rebounds, 2.7 assists, and 1.9 blocks in 32.8 minutes per game while shooting 57.5 percent from the field and 84.6 percent from the line.


Transgender athletes should be able to participate in sports based on their gender identity, not their biological sex, as Griner said. This is a view that is growing among athletes and advocates. By speaking out, Griner is giving those who are working for equality and inclusion in sports a bigger voice.

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