Who is Jessica girlfriend of Bam Margera as he’s on the run with her and her kid

Who is Jessica girlfriend of Bam Margera as he’s on the run with her and her kid

People who care about Bam Margera are very worried about him right now but apparently not his girlfriend

His close friends held an intervention for him in San Diego earlier this month.

Who is Jessica new girlfriend of Bam Margera as he’s on the run with her and her kid

They wanted him to go back to rehab for his drug problems. But the meeting quickly got out of hand when Bam’s girlfriend Jessica said she couldn’t live without him and wouldn’t let him go to rehab.

This is the same lover who reported Bam Margera to the police last month, saying he had kicked her hard. He was arrested on charges of hitting someone. Nikki Boyd, Bam’s estranged wife, called in to take part in the intervention over the phone.

Bam is apparently now on the run with Jessica and her eight year old kid according to his brother.


She offered to let him back into their son’s life if he got sober and changed his life around. But the girlfriend is said to have gotten even more angry and kicked everyone out of the house, which ended the rescue too soon.


Sources told TMZ that Bam Margera seemed open to the rescue at first, but that he ran into a few problems along the way. His friends wanted to talk to him about his weird behaviour and drug problems so that he could get the help he needed. But it looks like the fact that his girlfriend didn’t want to go to rehab and that his wife took part in the rescue made things even worse.

Bam Margera on the run from the police for assault and threats

This took place a few days after Bam was arrested in Burbank last month for being drunk in public. Police were called to a diner where Bam and Nikki were eating because there was a fight going on. After questioning him, they put him in jail for a minor crime. It looks like this event made his friends worried, which led them to try to set up a rescue.

But Bam Margera seems to be having more and more trouble. He is now on the run from the Pennsylvania State Police. Last Sunday, he is said to have hurt his brother and threatened to kill family members before running into the woods outside of West Chester. In that case, he is charged with multiple counts of terroristic threats and assault, and the cops are still looking for him.

The problem is getting worse because Bam’s loved ones don’t seem to know what to do to help him. We don’t know how this will all turn out, but it’s clear that Bam needs professional help to deal with his problems with drugs and mental health.


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