VTuber Amano Pikamee set to retire as she announces graduation with Arigatou video

VTuber Amano Pikamee set to retire as she announces graduation with Arigatou video

Amano Pikamee, who goes by the name VOMS Project, is a popular virtual YouTuber and she has announced her retirement or “graduation” with a pre-recorded video

She thanks her viewers and YouTube for their support. Many of her fans are sad about this news. She streams popular video games live and writes personal posts thanking her viewers.

Pikamee is a virtual YouTuber who streams video games and personal posts while talking to her viewers. Her online persona is that of a happy anime girl with pink hair, big eyes, and ears that look like rabbit ears. She has a lot of fans because her energy is contagious and her writing is interesting.

Japanese VTuber Amano Pikamee set to retire as she announces graduation with Arigatou video

VOMS Project is a group of VTubers that was started in September 2019 by GYARI, a Vocaloid musician and producer also known as Cocoa Cigarette-P or Hagari Hajime. After a period of auditions and hiring, VOMS started making different kinds of content with different characters, such as Amano Pikamee.

The account for Pikamee was made in February 2020, but she didn’t start livestreaming on YouTube until March 2020. She streams popular video games like Grand Theft Auto live and also writes personal posts thanking her viewers. By November 2020, she had 300,000 people following her. She has more than 600,000 subscribers right now.


What does graduation mean for a VTuber?

In the world of VTubers, the word “graduation” means “retirement.” Amano Pikamee’s announcement that she was going to graduate recently shocked her fans. The pre-recorded video was posted on the VTuber’s official YouTube page on March 1, 2023. It shows Amano Pikamee talking directly to the camera from her bedroom.

What did VTuber Pikamee say in her graduation video?

In the video, she says that she will stop doing anything on VOMS and thanks VOMS and her viewers for their support. “I, Amano Pikamee, will end all activities at the end of this month, March 31st in Japan time.” She says she’s sorry for the shocking news. And that after her last stream on March 31, everything on the channel will be deleted.


Pikamee is not the first VTuber to retire. A few months ago, Noctyx Yugo Asuma left the community without warning. But the news of Pikamee’s retirement has made many fans sad, as her fun and interesting content has made her a well-known internet personality.

Many of Pikamee’s fans have gone on social media to share their sadness. They are showing their support for her at this hard time. Even though she has stopped being a popular virtual YouTuber, she will continue to be an inspiration to others in the VTuber community.


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