Watch insane bicycle kick goal which saw Marcin Oleksy win FIFA Puskas Award 2023, video goes viral

Watch insane bicycle kick goal which saw Marcin Oleksy win FIFA Puskas Award 2023, video goes viral

Marcin Oleksy, a Polish footballer, made history when he became the first amputee footballer to win the FIFA Puskas Award in 2022 for his amazing bicycle kick finish with the video of the goal viral

Oleksy’s goal was an amazing display of skill and athleticism, and it beat out some of the biggest names in European football, like Dimitri Payet and Richarlison. At the time, the football player with one leg was playing for Warta Poznan, and his goal was a big part of the game.

Marcin Oleksy’s win is a big deal for including disabled people in football, and it shows how talented and skilled disabled athletes are. His success highlights the need for more opportunities for disabled players in the sport, and it is a huge step forward for those who have been overlooked in the past.

Insane bicycle kick goal which saw Marcin Oleksy win FIFA Puskas Award 2023, video goes viral

Payet was nominated for a great half-volley strike from a long way out for Marseille, and Richarlison made headlines with Brazil at the 2022 World Cup with a great touch and bicycle kick finish against Serbia. The other two players in the top three were both from Brazil.

But Oleksy’s amazing overhead kick was enough to put him ahead of both of the big names in European football. This was a big moment for the player, who lost a leg in a work accident in 2010 and has been playing football with one leg ever since. Oleksy’s win is definitely a big deal, but it’s also important to learn more about who he is and what he’s done in his career.


Who is famous amputee footballer Marcin Oleksy?

Marcin Oleksy was born in Poland in 1983. When he was young, he started playing football. Before he joined Warta Poznan in 2004, he played for a number of local teams. Oleksy had an accident that changed his life while he was working as a carpenter at Warta Poznan. He lost his leg in the accident, and many thought that his football career was over.


Marcin Oleksy quickly became one of the best players in the league, and soon scouts from other teams were watching him. Oleksy didn’t give up on his dreams, even though they were hard to reach. He continued to train hard and improve his skills. In 2016, Warta Poznan signed him because of his hard work.

Marcin Oleksy is a role model

Oleksy has become an important part of the team, and other disabled athletes around the world look up to him as a role model. The fact that he won the FIFA Puskas Award shows how talented and determined he is, and it will likely inspire other people to try to be like him.

Marcin Oleksy’s win at the FIFA Puskas Award shows that disabled athletes need more chances to play football. Oleksy’s story is one of determination and hard work, and he is sure to inspire other people to push through their own problems and go after their dreams.


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