Uprising Tokyo skateboarding 2023 schedule, date, time, players, events, live stream telecast

Uprising Tokyo skateboarding 2023 schedule, date, time, players, events, live stream telecast

Uprising Tokyo is the latest marquee skateboarding event set to take place this weekend, find out a brief preview of the competition, star athletes, full schedule, and more in 2023

Ever since Tokyo 2020 featured skateboarding as one of the sports, Japan has seen a growing interest in skateboarding events.

Uprising Tokyo skateboarding 2023 schedule, date, time, players, format, events, live stream telecast

The upcoming Uprising Tokyo is another marquee event set to feature the world’s top street skateboarders including Horigome Yuto, Shane O’Neill, Jamie Foy and Nakayama Funa. The competition hopes to be a new event that blends competition and culture.


Uprising Tokyo competition preview and star athletes

Uprising Tokyo is a new street-only competition featuring the top skateboarders from across the world. The competition will take place starting from Friday 26-28 May at Tokyo’s Ariake Arena. The Ariake Arena is one of the newly built venues for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and it has gone on to host some of Japan’s premier sporting events.

Horigome Yuto, who is the inaugural Olympic men’s street skateboarding champion will be present in the competition. Besides competing in the event, Horigome also helped produce the park for Uprising Tokyo. Alongside the Japanese star are other top skateboarders like Olympians Shane O’Neill, Shirai Sora, Nakayama Funa, and Nishimura Aori.


Besides those stars are other household names like Ishod Wair, Jamie Foy, Paige Heyn, Oda Yumeka and Akama Rizu who will mix competition with the culture of the sport. Interested Fans can check out the full list of athletes, which are still subject to change at any time, here.

Uprising Tokyo full schedule

Uprising Tokyo is set to begin with the quarter-final round on Friday, followed by the semi-finals on Saturday. The final round will finally take place on Sunday closing out the weekend.

Given below is the full schedule for Uprising Tokyo in local timings (GMT+9):

Date Time Event
Friday, 26 May 11:00 Women’s quarter-finals
15:15 Men’s quarter-finals
Saturday, 27 May 11:00 Women’s quarter-finals
13:30 Junior competition
15:30 Men’s semi-finals
Sunday, 28 May


11:00 Women’s final
12:30 Men’s final
13:45 Women’s best trick
14:20 Men’s best trick

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