UCI BMX Racing World Cup 2023 schedule, date, time, format, venue, live stream telecast

UCI BMX Racing World Cup 2023 schedule, date, time, format, venue, live stream telecast

The highly anticipated 2023 UCI BMX Racing World Cup is all set to take place very soon, check out the full schedule, format, how to watch live

Going into the competition this year, Sylvain André and Laura Smulders are the reigning champions in the men’s and women’s.

UCI BMX Racing World Cup 2023 schedule, date, time, format, venue and live stream telecast

The upcoming competition offers riders with an opportunity to earn points for their NOCs in the UCI BMX Racing Olympic rankings, which counts in the Paris 2024 qualifying.

2023 UCI BMX Racing World Cup dates and venues

The 2023 UCI BMX Racing World Cup, which features some of the world’s best BMX racers is the 13th edition of the tournament. It will kick off in Türkiye on Saturday 3 June and Sunday 4 June.

BMX Racing World Cup 2023 format

The upcoming World Cup will feature are four different categories – men’s elite, women’s elite, men’s under-23, and women’s under-23. Each rider only scores points for the category they are participating in.


In every moto (heat), starting with round one, the top four riders will advance to the next round of the event up until the eight-rider final. Interestingly, riders who do not make it in the top four during round one, will get a second chance in the “last chance round”. During this round, the top two riders will also get to advance to the next round.

After each final, the winning rider will  win 150 points for the World Cup general classification. Meanwhile, the rest of the riders from second to eighth place will get 130, 115, 100, 90, 80, 75, and 70 points. Notably, riders that get eliminated prior to the finals will receive points corresponding to the round they were eliminated in. Their position in those races will also determine their points. One all the eight rounds conclude, riders with the most points will be crowned the World Cup champion.


2023 UCI BMX Racing World Cup schedule

This year’s UCI BMX Racing World Cup will also feature ten rounds, with the entire season divided into two parts. Türkiye and the Netherlands will serve as the hosts for the first four rounds in June. Following a three-month break, the season will then continue in France with the fifth and sixth round. Finally, the final four rounds will take place in Santiago del Estero in Argentina in October.

Check out the full schedule below:

Date Round Venue
3 June Round 1 Sakarya (TUR)
4 June Round 2 Sakarya (TUR)
24 June Round 3 Papendal (NED)
25 June Round 4 Papendal (NED)
23 September Round 5 Sarrians (FRA)
24 September Round 6 Sarrians (FRA)
7 October Round 7 Santiago del Estero (ARG)
8 October Round 8 Santiago del Estero (ARG)
13 October Round 9 Santiago del Estero (ARG)
14 October Round 10 Santiago del Estero (ARG)

Other upcoming BMX events in 2023

Aside from the BMX Racing World Cup 2023, there are other events like the UCI BMX Racing World Championships taking place this year. Glasgow, Scotland will host the UCI BMX Racing World Championships featuring 13 individual UCI World Championships between 3 and 13 August.


Meanwhile, The European Continental Championships and Asian Continental Championships will also take place in July. On the other hand, the Pan American Games are set to take place in October, followed by the African Continental Championship in November. Finally, the South American Championships will take place in December.

How to watch live streaming of BMX Racing World Cup 2023 season opening events

Fans can watch the live streaming of the 2023 BMX Racing World Cup season on the UCI platforms without geo-blocking.

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